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Room Cleaning In Hotel

Cleaning Departure Room In Hotel   The room which was used last night by the guest and will not be used by the same guest tonight is called departure room. The steps involved for serving/cleaning departure room are :   – Keep the maid trolley/cart at the door. – Open the door, and enter room […]

Turn Down Service, Bed Making And Flower Arrangement

Evening Service / Turn Down Service The service wihch is given only in occupied room is the evening for a comfortable night stay. The blanket of the bed is turned toward downward so it is called ”Turndown Service” as well. Generally, it is done between 6pm – 9pm.     Steps involved are : – […]

Pressure Science class-10

PRESSURE Pressure: The force acting perpendicularly per unit area is called pressure. The SI unit of pressure is N/m2 or Pascal (Pa).   One Pascal pressure: The pressure exerted in 1m area when 1 N of force is applied is called one Pascal pressure.   Liquid pressure: The force exerted by liquid on per unit […]

Force – Science class-10

FORCE Force: A force is a physical quantity which causes or tends to cause a motion in an object at rest or changes or tends to change the direction of motion of a moving object or the shape or size of the object. The SI unit of force is Newton (N) while its CGS unit […]

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali There are many hotels, resorts and restaurants in Deurali of different levels. They are here from best quality to worse one. Some of main and well reknown establishments are shortly noted below while you can found their brief discriptions in the Hotel And Resort catagory of our website, so […]

Health Institute in Deurali

Health Institutions in Deurali There are several health service providing institutions in Deurali. You can even found detalied saperate articles about them in Health catagory of our website but in this page we will provide you with short notes of those institutions. The major health centers in this area are outlined and described as : […]

Major Places To Visit in Deurali

Place You Must Visit – Deurali The major places of attraction in Deurali area of Nawalpur districts are fun parks, parks, temples, waterfall, etc. We have covered about those places creating saperate articles of all of them. In this article we have described those places creating their short notes.   A. Rhino Water Fall Rhino […]

Educational Institutions in Deurali

Educational Institutes in Deurali There are many educational institutions in Deurali. But some of the most popular and mentioned in this article. Make sure to check the education catagory of our website to get full saperate articals of each of them. Some major educational institutions are :   A. NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp […]

Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park Hill Top Fun Park was established by the foreign investors. It is located on the top of Manipur Hill of Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of Nawalpur and Gandaki State. It was established in 2013 AD.   The project for the construction of this Hill Top […]

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp – Learn Hello World

  NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp : NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is a private programming school/bootcamp where you would be taught several hypertext, scripting and programming language. There are several option of languages to learn as per your interest. It is a programming school established in 2015 AD and quite nice records of students success rate for getting […]