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Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa Higher Secondary School

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa Higher Secondary School is a public school which was established on 2017 BS. It is the only high school and oldest school of Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municipality. The current Principle of this school is Mr. Raju Bhandari.

Nepal Lok Sewa is a public school but it doesn’t looks so. Most of the public and governmental school didn’t have strick rules and regulations but in case Nepal Lok Sewa it doesn’t seem so. Thanks for its management community for maintaining school so prefectly. Actually, government and public schools doesn’t provide good education for the students because of loose governmental effort in educational system. But here, locals are maintaining school rather than looking for government for help for the further development of school. This school is just established for the local students. There is no any facilitie of hostel or anything else for the students for far away. But resently a school bus is added but only for nearly villages’ students. Students from Basantapur and nearby villages like Koliya, Mainaghat, Simrine, Aamrasa, etc comes here to gain education.


Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S
Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S

Teaching Mediums :

Nepal Lok Sewa School has running school in two mediums for the better education system, and these mediums are :

1. Nepali Medium :
Nepali Medium is the teaching medium how the school starts with. Before students are taught fully in Nepali medium and ofcourse all courses are in nepali language. Classes from class – 5 to class -12 are running in this medium. It is the main medium while english medium was introduced later. All the expenses for running this medium are covered by government. Even all the books for students are supplied by government. All the students can get education for almost free. Students only need to buy uniform and note books.

2. English Medium :
English medium is not actually a fully governmental. Because government only invests in Nepali medium. Actually, there is nothing like english medium in view of government. It was just introduced by the locals or management team after knowing the importance of english. Students are taught in english language. Here government didn’t buys them a book or hold any educational expenses. Its almost like a private school but its not a profit orinted. That’s why the rate of education costs really low. Those fees are collected only for maintaining english medium and for salary of teachers of english medium. So, the rate of education cost so low.


Extra-curricular Activities :

1. Quiz Contest :
Regular inter-house quiz contest is conducted for improving the general knowladge of other different things rather than of text books. Sometime, inter-school quiz contest are even conducted where students from different schools participates representing their respective school.

2. Football Competitions :
Several inter-house football tournament are also conducted for the plysical development of the students. Where eight teams from four house compete together for a first place trophy.

3. Assembly Programs :
Several assembly program are conducted where students deliver speech, report news and ask general knowladge. This program is conducted for developing the communicating skills and leadership skills in students.

4. Annual Sports Day :
It is conducted once a year in winter month. It lasts for total 7 days/week. In this programe students can participate in any sports they like. Not only sports but activities like quiz, debate, speech, speeling, etc contests are also conducted. The winner students are respected and price is distributed in School Annual Celebration Day. Every students can participate in this programe as there are lots of games where students can choose on which they are intrested on.


Education Quality :

Even being a public school, the education quality of this school is really best. The pass percentage of this school is really high than of other school. It is well known and repurted school in Nawalpur district because of its education quality. This is one of the best public school. It holds several records for its management and education. Lately, the school is transforming to digitalization (not a online class). Students are taught in same way as before but the black and white board are being replaced by smart teaching boards.


Karate Class
Karate Class

School has added some other classes too rather than just a main course book, like :
– Dance class
– Karate training class
– Singing class
– Music class
– Computer class, etc.
All of these classes are optional, students can choose any class as per their intrest or even skip all at-all. But students have to pay fees for this as these classes aren’t added by government so government don’t pays for all of these.

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School is a well known and reputed public school of Nawalpur District. It doesn’t believe that knowladge gainned form books aren’t enough for the social development of student in future. It focus in all physical, mental and scoial development of the students.

Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S.  –  Better education for all



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Thumki Devi Secondary School

Thumki Devi Secondary School

Thumki Devi Secondary School is a highly reknown school providing quality education to the students of Koliya village. It is a only private as well as secondary level school in Koliya village.

The name of school Thumki Devi Secondary School was named after the famous and holy hindu temple Thumki Devi which is in the same village. School is located on the fourth lane of Koliya village. This school was established in 2005 AD, as a primary level educational acadamy and not it is upgraged to secondary level.
Although, Thumki Devi Secondary School is in Koliya village, it is popular all around the Nawalpur district. The main reason of its popularity is the quality of education they provide. Not only the childrens of Koliya but form whole Deurali region comes here of the education. The principle of this school is Mr. Balkrishina Thapa who is even reknown as a social worker. He don’t only serves his school but helps in the several educational programme in his area.

The fee stracture of this school is little high in comparition to its other competitors but it is still affordable. High feel level is considerable in term of quality of education they provide. School don’t only focus on knowladge of books and regularly encourage students to general knowladge of whats going on in the nation these days by conducting regular quize programe. Thumki Devi Secondary School don’t only focus on the mental development of the students but also in the plysical development. That’s a reason why this school conduct regular extra-caricullar activities every friday. Students even conducts different programs in locality level like street drama, door to door program,etc for awareing people about importance of education or many more. With all the major subjects, school is also running different classes like dance class, kumfu class, singing class, music class,etc.

School Staffs
School Staffs

Teachers are highly skilled and very expirensed who don’t ever compirise in education of the students. The management committe of school is resonsible for overall management of school in co-ordination with the teachers. The relation between the Students, Admin and Guardians is prefectly balanced. Students as well as teachers are very deciplined and very hard working.


Physical Stracture of school :

There are two different buildings in Thumki Devi Secondary School. The first one is one story building. In this building, all the administration sections lies like Principle office and staff room. Library and Computer lab are also in this building.
The second building is of 3 floors. In the first floor all classes of primary section run and other class are divided between other two remaining floors.
KG classes have the facility of attached or internal toilet/restroom facility while students of other classes must share a common restroom.


Extra CA
50 meter Race

Features of this school :

– It provide quality education to the students for their good future.
– There is a facility of school bus for those students who are far away from school.
– For the students of out of district or far enough there is even service of hostel.
– Snacks of is canteen is healthy and delicious too.
– Nice and toilet and clean drinking water to the students.
– This school ensures the bright future of its students.
– Large computer hall with enough computers for all students.
– Library with the large collection of books which students requires.
– Very active administration towards to students’ requirments and requests.


Drawbacks of this school :

The school is almost prefect but still have some dradbacks.
– High feel structuer than of others private schools.
– Too strict than requird, in case of decipline matters of students.
– Large numbers of students in single section.
– Classroom halls are too small.

So, if your are student reading this blog post than convice your parents for your admission in Thumki Devi Secondary School. And if you are a parent of childern then be sure Thumki Devi School would be the prefect school to ensure the bright future of your children. Choose a better school for better education.

Thumki Devi Secondary School – School for quality education.

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