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Tika Medical Hall – Your better health service provider

Tika Medical Hall

Tika Medical Hall is a first private health clinic of Deurali. It is very reputed medical hall of lower region of Deurali. It has very long history of people’s health satisfaction.

The propiter of Tika Medical Hall is Mr. Chabilal Midhun. He is very respected member of the society. He is even the mayor of Hupsekot – 3. He is so experienced that everyone has a strong connection of health satisfaction since long time. This was only a private health clinic before 2012 AD. This clinic was serving people since so long time that’s why no one can compete this clinic.


Its Establishment :

Tika Medical Hall was established in 2006 AD. Before its establishment the only health service providing organization was Deurali Health Center, which was the governmental organization. But people aren’t completly satisfied with service provided by Deurali Health Center. So, the establishment of Tika Medical Hall took place. At first it doesn’t get so much popularity as people prefer free health service rather than a pain one. So, people were sticked with the Deurali Health Center. Later on, people realize that Tika Medical Hall is so better than Governmental Health Center. The only competitor of Tika Medical Hall at that time was Deurali Health Center.


Its branches :

It has its two branches one in Chaurangi village and another in Giruwari village. But the patients both branches are covered by Mr. Midhun himself. He have two employer one in each branch, both employers are general health instructor and pharmaciest.
Its branches are:

1. Chaurangi branch :
Chaurangi branch was the first branch of Tika Medical Hall. It was introduced with the establishment of Tika Medical Hall. It was the branch form where this Medical Hall get all its name and fame. It has been providing service to the people of esters villages of Deurali like Chaurangi, Belani, Jhyalbass and Beluwa. It was only the branch before the establishment of Giruwari branch.

2. Giruwari branch :
Giruwari branch was introduced soon after the establishment of other private clinics in 2016 AD. As just one clinic can’t handel all the patients people counld divert to other clinics. So to tackel this he established a new branch in Giruwari village for the people of Western villages of Deurali. As soon as it was introduced people of Western Deurali get really facilited as it easier for then to access Tika Medical Hall now. People of villages like Koliya, Giruwari and other northern hilly villages are being served by this branch.


Why people prefer Tika Medical Hall :

– It provide better health service to the people.
– It is oldest one in Deurali and service provider is experinced enough.
– Service charge is very low in compiration to other private clinics.
– This Medical Hall is more public service orinted than of cost orinted.
– It has two branches which can cover a large number of patients.
– Service is provided in well cleaned and senitized area.


Some drawbacks :

– Even though it has two different branches but the main srevice provider is just one.
– Due to large mass to patients it will be littel delay in service.
– If you have some serious health problem than you have to skip Tika Medical Hall.


Conclusively, Tika Medical Hall was the first medical hall of its area so, service they provide is really good as all the employes are well experienced. It would be the prefect health service providing establishment. But you have to compermise your time for the better service because you weren’t the only one who needs better health service. You will get best quality service than in other private clinics. Make sure to give them a chance to serve you once and after that you might not switch to other service provider. 😀

Thanks for reading till end.

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Hupsekot Health Center

Hupsekot Health Center

Hupsekot Health Centre is a public health center running by government. It provides minor health facility to people Hupsekot Rular Municipality. It is located in Jhyalbas village which is also a headquater of Hupsekot.

This health was providing health facilities only to the people of Deurali area and it’s name was Deurali Health Center. But since, the Hupsekot Rular Municiplity was introduced this health center has been upgraded and started providing health facilities to all the people Hupsekot.

As this is a health centre running by the government minor check and some medicines are free of cost. But the quality of health service they provide aren’t so good. People even visit other private clinics rather than visiting this public health center because people rearly rely on governmental service. Although I has been great support for the people under proverty line. It has been conducting several health campaing since its establishment which is really a good aspect of this health center.


Features of this health center :

– It has been running by the government.
– It provides the health service to the people for free of cost.
– It conducts regular health related campaings and programmes.
– If you have to buy some medicines or small medical equipments it is really cheap here.
– It is not revenue generating organization so it doesn’t focus on revenue.


Drawbacks of this health center :

– The quality of health service they provide is not relaible.
– The area is has been covering is really large so it is not easily accessable for all people.
– The center itself dosen’t looks to be cleaned enough.
– Lack of good infrastracture.
– The campaing they runs aren’t effective enough.


Campaings and programmes running by this health center :

– Health education program.
– Awareing people about the birth rate and how to control it.
– Encouraging people for the use of contraceptive divices to counter unhealthy sex.
– Conducting regular free health check up campaings.


Health sectcions :

The health center is divided into several health sections. All the section are in different rooms. All the health service realted to children is provided in Child Care Section. The service related to womens only diseases/health problems are offered in different section. Also major and minor health problems are further divided into different groups.


Infrastructure :

The infrastracture of Hupsekot Health Center isn’t so good. All the sections are are packed within a small building. Same building has been in use since its establishment. Before the population of people is not much due to which the infrastrcture for that time was enough. But now the population is really higher in compiration to past so, the infrastracture needs to be upgraded. But it is in the same condition which is not enough for the todays mass of the people.


Why the service is so poor :

The reason behind the health service provided by Hupsekot Health Center is so much poor because of these reason ;
– Even the health service provider working there have their own clinic so, rather than providing good service they refer people to their private clinic.
– Although it has been running by government, the government don’t focus on service and ignores it.
– The service provided get fixed salary from government either they do their job or not.
– Not good and enough infrastracture.
– The enough health equipments required aren’t being supplied by the government.


How to overcome the poor service :

– Government should focus more on locals’ health matter.
– Development of new infrastracture.
– Conducting more effective health campaings.
– Providing enough health equipments required, by the government.


Hupsekot Health Center is  doing their job in providing health srevice to the people of Hupsekot Rular Municipality free of cost. But it need to be upgraded. Government should be more focused in health sector of its people.

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