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Major Places To Visit in Deurali

Place You Must Visit – Deurali

The major places of attraction in Deurali area of Nawalpur districts are fun parks, parks, temples, waterfall, etc. We have covered about those places creating saperate articles of all of them. In this article we have described those places creating their short notes.


A. Rhino Water Fall

Rhino Waterfall is recently discovered waterfall which is about 40 meter tall. It is located in village called Gaidakhola of Deurali. It has become the destination for local tourist. You can enjoy the beautiful waterfall and even refresh yourself swimming in small pond just below the waterfall. You are really gonna enjoy your day there. So, request your friends visit Rhino Waterfall and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

Its free to visit the Rhino waterfall, there is nothing like entry fee or any other charge. You are even allowed to swim in the cool and fresh water below there. It is really a quite and peaceful place, so its prefect for nature lovers.


B. Hill-Top Fun Park

Hill-Top Fun Park is located in the Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of this district as well. Visit this fun park with your family, friends and loved one. There are more than 20 rides waiting for you. There are even beautiful parks where you can walk around and refresh your body with the beautiful smells of flowers all around the park. The parks there are categorized into different sections like water rides, high rides, low/land rides, parks, etc. Visit Hill Top fun park and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

There are lots of rides you can enjoy. And there are also some beautiful parks among which one is free as well. There are small food stall where you can get food really cheap and there are even best serving restaurants as well. And the cost of rides aren’t expensive as well.


C. Thumki Devi Temple

It is the oldest and most respected temple to this region. Lots of visitors visit this temple for research, picnic, worshiping, etc. There a big celebration is done in every Shiva – Ratri festival. Large number of visitors visit this temple everyday and espacially is the major hindu festivals there is very long line of worshippers. The major gods and goddesses worshipped are ; Thumki Devi, Shiva, Ganesh, Manakamana, Vhairav, etc. You must visit this temple once.

Its features are :

It is the best place of those who believes in god more then others. You can also have picnic in this place. And you can join the celebration in major festivals which is really enjoyable.


D. Kundali Park

It is park located in Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municipality, which is the neighbouring municipality of Deurali. There there are beautiful flowers all over the park. It is free to visit park but if you voilet the rules in there the charge is really high for you. You can visit to do yoga, morning walks, small workouts, etc. in morning. And you can visit carrying your books or laptops to work here in peacefully. There would be no one to distract you there.

Its features are :

Its free to visit. There are many beanches and tables all around the park. The environment is really peaceful and quite. It would be even good dating spot if you wanna visit with your lover.


Hence, there are some major places of attraction you could visit in Deurali area of Nawalpur District. But they aren’t the only places to visit. The Giruwari river beach, Godawari Church and Belewa’s Stupa, etc are also major destinations you shouldn’t miss while visiting the Deurali region. Wish you safe journey, make sure to visit Deurali.



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Giruwari River Beach – Park, Beach and River All At Same Place

Giruwari River Beach

Girubari river is a small river originated from diferent sources of Chure range’s hills. It flows down through the Hupsekot Village Municiplity and mix with Narayani River. It is originated from the northern hilly parts of Hupsekot.
Giruwari River Beach is logically a beach of Giruwari river. The main point where you should visit this beach is in the Koliya village. There is not just a beach. There is beautiful park, beach, swimmimg site and ofcourse river.


The Park :

There is large park build in the side of the river right before the beach. Fresh and cool air keeps flowing throughout the beach all the time. Different kinds of flowers are all around the park. Small bench and tables are also there where you can enjoy the view of river sitting there.

Features of park :

– There are lots of flowers all around the beach which refreshes your mood.
– Fresh Air regularly flows around the park.
– There is a special place for copules for dating.
– There a saperate place build to captere a photo from where you can see whole park, beach and the beautiful Giruwari river and also a Chure hills behind river.
– There are some small food stall where you can have delicious fast foods.


The Beach :

Beach is just behind the park, between park and river. You would feel different kind of pleasure while walking around the beach. The cool air flowing make you feel like you are flying in the sky like a bird.

Features of beach :
– You can walk around the beach and enjoy a view of river and park at a time.
– You can even make asand castel on the beach.
– There are enough benches where you can take sun bath.
– You can do small picnic in the western corner of beach.
– You can take photos for moment you enjoy.


The Swimming Site :

There is ofcourse a river where you can swim but due to the strong current it is little difficule and it flows you away from the site. But in the other side of river, just on the lap of river there’s a area where water stays almost still. There is very nice place to swim rather than in main river.

Features of swimming site :

– The current of water flow is slow so, its prefect place to swim.
– The keeps flowing slowly so no any waste stucks on the swimming site.
– Water looks prefectly clean and is really cool.
– The hill on its back blocks the sun due to which water stays cool.
– It is not man-made, it was made naturally by the river itself.
– There is a big rock from where you can jump on the water, which is really fun to do.
– There is seperate palce for girls and boys which insures little privacy and security. And there a dam between those two are which blocks view of other side.


The River :

There ofcourse a beautiful Giruwari river which flows from North to South-West. The view you see of river from the park and beach is really awsome, you would really enjoy a lot. If you are too adventurous than you can swim in the strong flowing current of river. Many people prefer to swim in the swimming site but someone likes to swim opposite to the flowing current of the river.

Features of river :

– River looks so much beautiful from beach and park.
– The whole beauty of beach is influnced by the river.
– You can enjoy swimming in the strong current of river, if you are adventurous enough.
– You can come out of river and rest in beach any-time you feel tired of swimming.
– Due to the cool water flowing on the river whole beach and park cools down.


That’s all about Giruwari river beach. Its not only the beach it is the collection of park, beach, swimming site and river, and collectively called beach. This is prefect place to enjoy the the beach, swim in the river and walk around the park all in same place.



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