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Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park was established by the foreign investors. It is located on the top of Manipur Hill of Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of Nawalpur and Gandaki State. It was established in 2013 AD.


The project for the construction of this Hill Top Fun Park was started in 2010 AD. And completed in 2013 AD. Many people from all around Nepal come to enjoy the rides of this fun park. It is just next to the main highway. Here are lots of rides which are really fun to enjoy. You can’t even enjoy all rides within a day. There is no any fun park near to it, so everyone come here to enjoy the ride so, there is huge traffic in every season.


The Hill Top Fun Park stay closed every monday. On that day, cleaning of whole park is done. This park is so much popular in Nawalpur district. This is the best place to enjoy a day with your friends and family. There are so many rides and parks that will attract you every time you see them. Its in the top of the small hill so, you could see the view of big city from the top and it gives different pleasure to you.


There are more than 20 rides and parks altogather. You can enjoy everything there to entertainment. You can visit parks, water rides, high rides, or land rides.

Different parks and rides in Hil Top Fun Park are :


A. Parks :

There are four different parks in this fun park. Every parks has its own purpose. Amoung them only one of them is free and for others you need to pay. They are :


1. Public Park :

This is the only free park in this fun park where you walk around and rest in the benches. This is free not because it is not good or it doesn’t worth to pay but actual reason is to decrease the traffic in other parks. If you need small rest for short period of time then you can visit this park.


2. Lover’s Park :

This parks is just for young couples or teenagers. There is age restriction of 18 to 28 years old. If you are single than sorry its not for you. There is very prefect place for lovers to date. Everywhere you can see a beautiful flowers around you. You and your loved one would really enjoy this park.


3. Family Park :

If you are with your family and friends than its best place to be. It is no smoking park, you would be charged fine if you voilet the rules. There are some cool monuments to see. There are lots of beautiful fountains which you would love for sure.


4. Children’s Park :

This place is only for childrens below 12 years old. Parents could also visit this park with there childrens. There are some small cool children rides but the entry fee isn’t free. No any adults here only childern and their parents.



B. Water Rides :

There are also many water rides there. There is saperate rides for those who can’t swim and childrens where the water isn’t deep enough. The lifeguard watching you all the time incase if you need any help. You need to take a small bath in a room before entering water ride zone.

Some of the major water rides here are :

– Water Slide

– Swimming Pools

– Water boats

– Water Scarey Sub-way



C. High Rides :

High Rides are also called sky touch ride in this park. There are cool and dangerous looking rides which you would really enjoy a lot. If you love to scare yourself than visit these rides.

Some of the major high rides in this park are :

– ‘Roteay Ping’

– Roller-coster

– 360 fall

– Colombus

– 100 meter Bunjey Jump, etc.



D. Land Rides :

Land Rides are those rides which don’t take you to the sky but make you enjoy a lot. They are small but you would enjoy much more than other rides and parks.

Some of major land rides of Hill-Top Fun Parks are :

– Break fail

– Speedy train

– Scare you

– VR simulators

– Trampling

– Mario Cart

– Zero Gravity, etc


These are the major attractions of the Hill-Top Fun Parks. Make sure to visit the park and enjoy its once with your family, friends or loved one. You won’t feel any stress after returning form here.


Hill-Top Fun Park – Enjoy Your Ride




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Koliya Football Ground

Koliya football ground

Koliya football ground comes into use after the establishment of Shree Bal Kalyad Primary School. This ground was used as a school ground for school students before but later on it comes into public use. As mentioned on its name, Koliya football ground lies in Koliya Village.

It’s in use since 2042 BS and its now more than of 30 decades. The ground was so small before because it has been used only by school students. Later on the size of ground was increased and changed into football ground. At first, the football field was so large than of the regular football field. It was the longest/largest football field of this area. But later on the size of field was decreased and regular football field size was maintained. The direction ground was North to South before, and now it was changed to East to West.


Thumki Devi Football Team
Thumki Devi Football Team

Thumki Devi Youth Club :

The Koliya Football ground is being maintained by Thumki Devi Youth Club. It is a youth club organized two decades ago, but its orginal date is unknown. It was just a group of small number of boys who used to maintain and play football regularly, or we can call it a football club. But later on so much has been changed and its not only the small football team but a group of youth. This is how the Thumki Devi Youth Club was formed. And it get its name from a very popular temple “Thumki Devi” of Koliya village.


Football Tournament :

In this football ground inter-district football tournament is hosted by Thumki Devi Youth Club. The tournament is hosted every year in occasion of Dashain and Tihar festival. The tournament held for whole month or even long. More than 30 football teams registers for tournament every year. The tournament is conducted on knockout system. The first place prise incresases every year. For the tournament different local orginazation helps a lot. Even locals helps them rising fund for hosting the tournament.
The profited money collected after hosting tournament is used for the development of locality. Like building bus stops, renovating Thumki Devi temple, gravelling the road, etc.


Other than football :

Not only the football tournament but vollyball and cricket are also regularly conducted. There is a small vollyball court in side of football field whereas cricket tournament is held within the football field by changing football field into cricket field. But the vollyball and cricket tournament aren’t hosted in bigger scale as of football tournament. Only the local teams participate in the tournament and those tournaments don’t have any fixed time to be held.

Not only for those games and tournaments Koliya football ground is being used for various purposes :
– Ofcourse, for hosting verious tournaments
– For practicing the football skills.
– People even use this ground for learning bike and bicycle riding.
– The outer parts of ground (not the main field) has lots of green grass which are used to feed domastic animals cutting them.
– There several festivals and events are even conducted in occasion of different fistivals.
– This ground actually belongs to a school, so the school even use this ground for their puropse like conducting school programmes.
– Its even used for doing yoga walk, morning walks, and running in early morning.


Construction Area Of New Stedium
Construction Area Of New Stedium

New Stedium :

New project for the construction of the new stedium was passed in Koliya village which would be first stedium of whole Nawalpur District. The new stedium would be constructed near to the todays football ground. This football ground is not going to be only a football stedium. Is stedium is to be built in such a way that it can be used both for football and cricket games. Although, the focus would be for cricket. This is a governmental project so it is sure to take much more time than of the expected time. Till that date, todays football ground is the mostly used us main ground of Koliya village.

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Kundali Park – For your refreshment

Kundali Park

Kundali Park is small park you would love to visit in your free time. Its a only park in Basantapur village. It is so quite, peaceful and really beautiful. It is in the Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municiplity of Nawalpur district.

Establishment :
It was established by a small group of youth called “Basanta Youth Club”. Before the place was changed to beautiful park there was nothing but a small Temple of goddess ‘Sharashoti’. Because of small effort of Basanta Youth Club to encourage their villagers to build a nice and peace park on their own village such a Beautiful park was established. Although the project was completed with the help of villagers but main credit goes to Youth Club as it was their idea and they were one to encourage people.

How can I reach there :
You can reach Kundali Park on your private velicle or you can take public vehicle as well. If you are from Basantapur than you can reach there on foot as wall but I will recommend you bike or bicycle anyway.

Way to Kundali Park :
– At first enter Basantaspur village.
– Then head toward Kundali Chok/street.
– Take a road of North-West direction or you can take a look on a board pointing you a way.
– Go 300 meters ahead, then you will see a nice and pretty gate welcoming you.
– And you are good to go.

Featrures of Kundali Park :
– There is a very attractive a small temple.
– Lots of benches and tables all around the park.
– You would see a nice view of beautiful Guribari river on the wester part of the park.
– There are plenty of trees which gives you a shade and a fresh air.
– You can found small stalls of fast food which are there to overcome your hunger.
– Pure, cold/hot and fresh drinking water.
– There is a restroom on the last end of park.


Upgrading Kundali Park
Upgrading Kundali Park

Let me tell you more those above mentioned features are just the features till this date. Kundali Park is upgrading day by day and massive thanks to Basanta Yough Club for their effort. The upgrading activities of Kundali Park never ends and its looks incomplete all the time. That’s why locals even call it ‘Aapuro Park’ ( Incomplete Park ).

Before You Visit Kubdali Park :
– You can’t throw a single waste on the ground so, always use dustbin or they are gonna charge you Rs.300.
– Its prefect place to read books so, carry a book with you if you are visiting alone.
– You can go for morning walks or yogas there in the morning time.
– You are highly recommended to visit Kundali Park with your giflfriend/boyfriend because it could be a great dating spot for you.
– Walking over the flowers or plucking them is strickly prohibited. You are going to pay them Rs.500 as a fine.


Kundali Park
Kundali Park

Why should you visit Kundali Park :
You should visit Kundali Park not just because of one reason. Most exisiting thing is its completly free to visit. It could a best place for copules. You can even visit in hot summer days those trees are there to give you shade and fresh air. Its super peacefull and clean. And believe me or not you are gonna visit this park again and again in future. Its a only park in Basantapur and its sroundding villageses. You can donate them but they don’t ask for any donation or help. Locals around there are so friendly as well. You can make a lot of new friends there because you won’t be the only one visting park.

So, make sure to visit Kundali Park. And if you are from Basantpur or other close villages than you are too lucky to have such a beautiful park on your area. They don’t charge you for visiting Kundali Park so, if you want to help them to be much better you can donate them some amount. Your small help can change a lot.

Visit Kundali Park Enjoy Your Day 😀

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