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Room Cleaning In Hotel

Cleaning Departure Room In Hotel


The room which was used last night by the guest and will not be used by the same guest tonight is called departure room. The steps involved for serving/cleaning departure room are :


– Keep the maid trolley/cart at the door.

– Open the door, and enter room announcing housekeeping eventhough the room is departed.

– Switch off the lights and A/C, if it is on.

– Draw the curtain and open the window for fresh air.

– Check for lost things of guest as well as missing amenities of room. If anything is missing report to the desk.

– Remove all bed linens and bathroom linens with proper shacking to make sure that any guest’s things aren’t trapped iin there.

– Flush the w/c (Water Closet/Commode), apply harpic and leave it for a while.

– Dust out all the areas and articals along with wardrobe/closet.

– Bring the bd linen from the trolley and make the bed with following the procedure.

– Replace all guest stationeries and supplies.

– Clean the bathroom and replace all the supplies.

– Use vaccum cleaner to remove all the dust from the floor.

– Adjust A/C to the minimum, close the curtain and the window.




Serving Vacent Room / Vacent Room Cleaning


– Keep maid trolley/cart at the door.

– Enter room announcing housekeeping eventhough the room is vacant.

– Switch on all llights and A/C to check it.

– Open the window for air flow.

– Do dusting.

– Check the water supply and wipe it out.

– Check and clean paper basket / bins.

– Close the windows amd curtain.

– Switch off all lights and A/C.

– Give a glance / final look, maintain the register and close the door.




Serving occupied Room / Occupied room cleaning


The room which was used by the guest last night and will be used by same guest tonight is called occupied room. The steps followed for its cleaning are outlined as :


– Check the ” Door Knob Card ” like DND or Make My Room, etc and clean the important room first.

– Keep the maid cart/trolley at the door.

– Knock the door with the index finger, open the door announcing ”Housekeeping” and enter into the room.

– Switch on the lights and AC to check either they are functioning well or not.

– Draw the curtain and open the window for fresh air.

– Arrange the guest articles if it is on the bed and sofa.

– Remove all the soiled linens with proper shacking to be sure that no any guest’s articles are trapped there.

– Remove soiled bathroom linens, flush the W/C (Water Commode), appply harpic and leave it for a while.

– Do dustiing of entire area of the room.

– Replace the bed linens if required and check the laundry bag.

– Clean W/C and all area of bathroom.

– Replace the linens and supplies if required.

– Dry out all the area of bathroom and use vaccum cleaner in the room.

– Adjust AC at previously adjusted temperature.

– Give a glance/final look, maintain the register and close the door.


Hence, this is how the room is cleaned in star hotels or resorts. Amoung those three kind of rooms, Vacant room is cleaned first as it can be sold right away. After vacant, Departed room is cleaned and later on occupied room is served.  Room Cleaning is the task of HK or Housekeeping Department of the hotel.




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Turn Down Service, Bed Making And Flower Arrangement

Evening Service / Turn Down Service

The service wihch is given only in occupied room is the evening for a comfortable night stay. The blanket of the bed is turned toward downward so it is called ”Turndown Service” as well. Generally, it is done between 6pm – 9pm.



Steps involved are :

– Keep the maid trolley at the door.

– Knock the door with index finger, and open the door announcing ”Housekeeping” and enter into the room.

– Switch on the lights, close the window and curtain.

– Arrange the guest belongings / articals if they are here and there.

– Remove the bed spread / bed cover and keep it at the secure place or at cupboard.

– Turn the blanket on the bed around 45 degree downward from the guest convinent side.

– Place the door knob cards, breakfast menu, room service menu and other sales materials on the bed or on the bed side table as per the management policy.

– Place the slippers at the footside of the bed.

– Remove trace from the bin / clean waste paper basket.

– Clean the ashtray and room tumbler ( water glass ) if used.

– Reflush the W/C, remove the soiled towels and replace the bathroom supplies if necessary.

– Switch off all the lights except bedside lamp and adjust the AC at previously adjusted temperature.

– Use vacuum cleaner if required.

– Place pralines, chocolates or fruit basket as per management policy.

– Give a glance / final look, maintain the register and close the door.




Bed Making 

Bed making is an essential job done by the room attendent while attending / cleaning the room. A freshly made bed gives a neat appearance even other areas have not been touched. The steps followed for bed making are :


– Remove all the guest’s articals / belongings from the bed and keep it in secure place.

– Remove all the linens from the bed with proper shaking individually to be sure that no any guest’s articals are trapped into the fold.

– Keep the blanket and pillow on the sofa.

– Replace the matress protector and change the side of the matress, if necessary.

– Place the first bed sheet on the bed with evenly spread from each side and tuck it from the head side.

– Place the second bedsheet on the top of the first bed sheet up to the head board in upside down position.

– Place the blanket on the top of the second bed sheet 6” ( six inches ) away from the head board.

– Place the third bedsheet on top of blanket and tuck it properly.

– Mitre the bedsheet along with the blanket with tucking properly and professionally.

– Place the pillow into the pillowcase and place it on the bed with keeping the slives at the centre.

– Tuck the loose ends of the pillow and cover the bed using bed cover / bed spread.

– Be sure that the bed cover is evenly spread from each side.




Flower Arrangement 

Flower arrangement is an essential job done by ‘florist’. It is done for stimulating the mind and the ambience. It is done in different areas of the hotel like, lobby, guest’s room, executive offices, banquet hall, etc.



Materials required for flower arrangement :

– Different types of flowers

– Mud / soil, stone, pebbles, marbles, etc.

– Flower vase / pot

– Water and sprayer

– Bucket / basin

– Scissor, tread, needle, pin, toothpick, etc.

– Wrapping paper / plastic foil. tape, etc.

– Ribbon, band, wire, etc.



Flower colour and their themes

a. Red – Love and bravery

b. Blue – Peace and serenity

c. Yellow – Cheerful and youthfulness

d. Orange – Courage, energy and hope

e. White – Purity and delicateness

f. Black – Mysticism and drama

g. Grey – Mildness

h. Magenta – Richness and luxury



Various arrangements and shapes

a. Symmetrical

b. A – symmetrical

c. Ikebana

d. Triangular

e. Crescent

f. Circular

h. Fan

i. Pyramidal, etc.





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Pressure Science class-10



The force acting perpendicularly per unit area is called pressure. The SI unit of pressure is N/m2 or Pascal (Pa).


One Pascal pressure:

The pressure exerted in 1m area when 1 N of force is applied is called one Pascal pressure.


Liquid pressure:

The force exerted by liquid on per unit area of the container is called liquid pressure.


Properties of liquid pressure:

i) Liquid pressure increases with increasing depth.

ii) Liquid pressure does not depend upon the volume of it.

iii) Liquid pressure is independent of the shape of the vessel in which it is kept.

iv) Pressure applied on a liquid is transmitted equally in all direction.


Pascal’s Law:

Pascal’s law states that, “the pressure is equally transmitted perpendicularly to all sides as pressure is applied at a place on a liquid contained in a closed container.”


Applications of Pascal’s Law:

Pascal’s law is applicable for the construction of hydraulic press, hydraulic brake, hydraulic lift, hydraulic cranes and other hydraulic machines.


7 Principle of hydraulic press:

The principle of hydraulic machine states that, “a small force applied on a smaller piston is transmitted to produce a large force on the bigger piston.”


Reasons for using liquid in hydraulic press:

i) Liquid transnits pressure equally and perpendicularly in all directions.

ii) Any liquid can not be compressed. i.e. liquid is almost incompressible.


Uses of hydraulic press:

A hydraulic press is used mainly for the following purposes:

i) For pressing cotton bales and good like quilts, books, paper, metal sheets, etc.

ii) For extracting the juice from sugarcane, sugar beet, fruits, etc.

iii) For squeezing oil out of linseed and cotton seeds.



The upward force exerted by a liquid on a body which is immersed in the liquid is known as the upthrust. It is measured in Newton (N).

Upthrust (U) = W1-W2 Where,

W1 = weight of an object in air

W2 = weight of an object when immersed in the liquid.


The upthrust of a liquid depends on:

i) The density of the liquid in which the body is immersed (U ∝ d).

ii) The size or volume of the body immersed in a liquid (U ∝ V).

iii) The value of acceleration due to gravity (U ∝ g).


The forees produced when a body is float or immersed in a liquid:

i) Upthrust (acting vertically upward)

ii) Weight of a body (acting vertically downward)



The mass per unit volume of a substance is called its density. SI unit of density is kg/m3 and CGS unit is g/cm3.

Density (d) = volume(v)/mass(m)


Relative density:

Relative density of a substance is defined as the ratio of the mass of a certain volume of the substance to the mass of the equal volume of water at 4°C.


Relative density =

(Mass of certain volume of the substance) / (Mass of the same volume of water at 4°C)


Relative density has no unit.


The relation between density of liquid and its upthrust:

Upthrust is directly proportional to the density of the liquid.

i.e. U = Vdg


Archimedes’ Principle:

“When a body is partially or wholly immersed in a liquid, it experiences an upthrust which is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by it.”

So, Upthrust = Weight of displaced liquid


Applications of Archimedes’ Principle:

Archimedes’ principle is used to deign :

i) The ships and submarines.

ii) The hydrometers to find the densities of liquids.

iii) The lactometers to test the purity of milk.

iv) The hot air ballons.

v) It is used in determining the relative density of a substance.


Law of floatation:

An object floating in the liquid displaces the liquid equal to its own weight.

Hence, Weight of floating body = Weight of displaced liquid.



The instrument, which is used to measure relative density of a substance and density of the liquid is called hydrometer.


Types of Hydrometer:

Hydrometer is of two types,

i) Constant immersion hydrometer

ii) Constant weight hydrometer



The hydrometer which is constricted to measure the density of only the milk is called Lactometer.


Functions of hydrometer:

i) To measure the relative deasity of a substance.

ii) To measure the density or purity of milk.

iii) To measure the density of liquid.


Conditions for floatation of an object:

i) If density of a substance is less than that of the liquid.


ii) If the weight of the displaced water is equal to weight of an object.


iii) If the density of liquid and substance are equal, the substance will neither sink nor float. It will stay in equilibrium position.



The surface of earth is surrounded by a layer of air from all sides. This layer of air is called atmosphere. The region of air, which surrounds the earth is called atmosphere. The atmosphere covers water and land of the earth in the form of canopy.


Atmospherie Pressure:

The thrust exerted per unit arca on the earth surface due to column of air, is called the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the earth.

The atmospherie pressure at sea level is called standard atmospherie pressure which is 101300 N/m2 or 760 mmHg. The atmospherie pressure at the top of the Mount Everest is 3x104N/m2. The atmospherie pressure decreases as we go from sea level. Therefore, it is less at the top of Mr.Everest than Chitwan, Nepalgunj and Bhairahawa. Due to the difference in air pressure at different altitudes, the air blows from place to place.


Instruments used to measure air pressure:

a) Manometer : A manometer is an instrment used for measuring the pressure exerted by gas.


b) Mercury barometer : A mercury barometer is an instrument used for measuring the atmospherie pressure. The barometer used in the aeroplane or the mountain climbers are called Aneroid barometer. It is also called Altimeter.


c) Pressure gauge: Used for measuring the air pressure in the tubes of the wheels of vehieles such as truck, bus, car, motorcycle, etc.


Types of Barometers:

The following three types of barometers are commonly used:

i) Mercury barometer

ii) Fortin’s barometer

iii) Aneroid barometer


Uses of Barometer:

A barometer is used for the following purposes :

i) To measure the atmospheric pressure at a place.


ii) For weather forecasting.


iii) As an altimeter to measure the height. An altimeter is an aneroid barometer, but it is used in aircraft to measure its altitude.


Water cannot be used instead of mercury in a barometer because of the following reasons:

i) The density of water is less than that of mercury. Therefore, if water is used in a barometer, the height of the tube should be about 11m. It makes the barometer inconvenient to handle.


ii) Water is sticky to the walls of a barometer.


iii) Water is transparent, thus it is not clearly seen in the column.


iv) Water vaporizes easily.


Some instruments based on atmospheric pressure:

i) Syringe

ii) Air Pump

iii) Water Pump


Importance of atmospheric pressure:

i) Atmospheric pressure balances the pressure in and out of our body. So, we are alive. In the absence of atmospheric pressure we can not survive.


ii) Due to atmospheric pressure ink can be filled in pens.


iii) Due to atmospheric pressure a syringe can work. i.e. medicine can be filled in a syringe.


iv) Due to atmospheric pressure water pumps work. i.e. It is important to lift the water by using a water pump.


v) Due to atmospheric pressure we can suck cold drinks and juices like fruit, cocacola, etc. from their containers.


vi) Due to atmospheric pressure air pumps can fill air tubes of ball and different vehicles.


vii) Due to the difference in pressure at different altitudes, the air blows from place to place. So, it causes wind and it also helps to rain.





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Force – Science class-10



A force is a physical quantity which causes or tends to cause a motion in an object at rest or changes or tends to change the direction of motion of a moving object or the shape or size of the object. The SI unit of force is Newton (N) while its CGS unit is dyne (1N=105 dyne).



All the objects in the universe attract each other with a force, which is called gravitation.


Gravitational Force:

The magnitude of force of attraction between any two bodies in the universe is called gravitational force. Its symbol is F and SI unit is Newton (N).


Consequences of gravitational force:

i) Tides in seas and oceans are due to the gravitational force of the sun and moon.


ii) The planets revolve around the sun due to the presence of gravitational force.


iii) Existences of solar system and galaxies.


iv) Rainfall and snow fall is possible only due to gravitational force of the earth.


v) Artificial and natural satellites revolve around the earth due to the gravitational force between the earth and the satellite.


Affecting factors for gravitational force:

i) The product of mass of object i.e., F ∝ M1M2

ii) The square distance between the centres of body i.e., F ∝ 1/d2


Newton law of gravitational:

Newton’s universal law of gravitation states that, “The gravitational force produced between any two bodies of the universe is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.”


Applications of Newton’s Universal law of Gravitation:

i) This law helps to determine the mass of the earth, moon, sun and other heavenly bodies.


ii) This law helps to determine the distance between bodies existing in the universe.


iii) This law helps in discovering new planets, stars and other heavenly bodies.


iv) It is used to study the binary stars.


Verification of Newton’s law:

Consider the two bodies of the mass M and M with force F acting between them towards their centre. If the distance between their centers is d then,


According to Newton’s universal law of gravitation,


We have F ∝ M1M2 —1


F ∝ 1/d2 —2


Combining 1 and 2 we get, F ∝ M1M2/d2




Where G is proportionality constant which is known as universal gravitational constant.

The numerical value of gravitational constant (G) is 6.67*10-11 and its unit is Nm2/Kg2


Gravitational constant ‘G’:

The force of attraction between two bodies having mass 1 kg of each separated by distance 1 m taken from their centre’s is called gravitational constant. Its value is equal to 6.67×10-11 Nm2/kg2 and SI unit is Nm/kg. Its value was calculated by Henry Cavendish by using a sensitive balance called the Torsion balance in 1798 AD.


Conditions for Gravitational force ‘F being equal to Gravitational constant ‘G’:

The gravitational force ‘F’ exerted between two bodies having mass 1 kg each, separated by distance 1m taken from their centers is equal to gravitational constants ‘G’.


Properties of Gravitational constant (G) that makes it universal:

i) The value of ‘G’ is independent of the nature and chemical composition of the masses of bodies.

ii) The value of ‘G’ is independent of the medium (denser or rarer) in which the bodies are kept.

iii) The value of ‘G’ is independent of physical factors like state of object, temperature, pressure, etc.


Null point:

The space between the two heavenly bodies at which the resultant gravity is zero, is called null point.



The force of attraction with which a planet, satellite or star pulls a body towards its centre is called gravity. Its SI unit is Newton (N).


Effects of gravity:

i) Acceleration is produced on freely falling body.

ii) Everybody has some weight.

iii) The earth is surrounded by the atmosphere. Acceleration is produced on freely falling body.

iv) We can stand and walk on the surface of the earth.

v) All the objects like buildings, bridges, etc. can stand on earth’s surface and rivers flow from high level to low level.

vi) Every objects falls towards the surface from a certain height.


Affecting factors for gravity:

i) Mass of planet or satellite (M): Gravity is directly proportional to mass of planet or satellite i.e., F ∝ M.


ii) Radius of planet or satellite (R) : Gravity is inversely proportional to radius of planet or satellite i.e., F ∝ 1/R2.


Gravitational field:

The space around the heavenly body (planet or satellite) up to where it can exert gravitational force on other masses is called gravitational field. Theoretically, the gravitational field extends up to infinity.


Gravitational field intensity (I):

The gravitational field intensity at a point on space around a heavenly body (planet or satellite) is defined as the gravitational force experienced by an object of unit mass placed at that point. It is denoted by ‘I’ and its SI unit is N/kg.


Acceleration due to gravity:

The acceleration produced in a freely falling body due to the force of gravity of the earth is called acceleration due to gravity. It is denoted by ‘g’ and its SI unit is m/s2.


The relation between radius (R) and acceleration due to gravity (g) :

The acceleration due to gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the radius of planet or satellite.


g ∝ 1/R2


Verification of Relation between acceleration due to gravity and radius of the earth:

Let M be the mass and R be the radius of the earth and m be the mass of the body kept at the surface of the earth,

According to the Newton’s law of gravitation the force of attraction between them is given by,


F=G Mm/R2 —1


Also the body is attracted towards the centre of the earth with a force given by,


F=mg —2


From 1 and 2, mg = G Mm/R2


g=GM/R2 —3


G and M are constant whereas R varies because radius of the earth is more at the equator than at poles.


From 3,

We can say that the acceleration due to the gravity is independent to the mass of the body but depends on the mass and radius of the earth.


Variation of the value of g:

a. Variation due to the shape of the earth: g ∝ 1/R2

Value of the g maximum at poles but minimum at equator.


b. Variation due to the height from the surface of the earth: g’ = (R/R+h)2g

If we increase the height from the surface of the earth the quantity in the bracket becomes less than 1. And the acceleration due to the gravity decreases as height from the surface is increased.


c. Variation from the depth of earth surface: g’ = g(R-x)/R since the quantity (R-x)/R is less than 1 .The value of g insidethe earth decreases with increase in depth.

At centre of the earth x=R so gravity at the centre of the earth is 0.


Factors upon which acceleration due to gravity depend:

i) Mass of planet or satellite (M).

ii) Radius of planet or satellite (R).



Total quantity of matter present in any object is called mass. Mass of an object depends on total number of atoms (particles) and average mass of atom. Mass of an object does not change anywhere on the earth, in the space, or on any planets. The SI unit of mass is kilogram (kg).



The force with which the earth attracts any object on its surface towards its centre is known as weight. Its SI unit is Newton (N). Spring balance measures the weight of an object. Weight of an object differs from place to place because of the difference in the value of ‘g’ form place to place.


Free fall:

If an object is falling with the acceleration of acceleration due to gravity in the absence of air resistance is called free fall. The acceleration produced on an object during the free fall is equal to the acceleration due to gravity at that place. There is no perfect free fall of the object falling on the earth due to air resistance. The surface of the moon is not covered by the air. So, the falling of any object on it is free fall.



The weight of an object falling freely under the effect of gravity appears to be zero. It is called weightlessness.


Conditions for weightlessness:

i) When a body is falling freely, it becomes weightlessness.

ii) When a body is in the space at null point.

iii) The body in the rocket (artificial satellite) becomes weightlessness when the rocket (artificial satellite) is orbiting around a heavenly body.


Conclusion of Feather and Coin experiment:

The acceleration produced due to gravity in all object will be the same at a particular place for all, if there is no any external resistance.




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Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali

There are many hotels, resorts and restaurants in Deurali of different levels. They are here from best quality to worse one. Some of main and well reknown establishments are shortly noted below while you can found their brief discriptions in the Hotel And Resort catagory of our website, so make sure to check that out for more valuable informations on them.
Some of those are :


A. Hotels

1. Forest Hotel
This is a small hotel with best food and facility of accomodation as well. It is near to the Thumki Devi Temple and established to target the visitors of that temple. Here you would get the every major and popular Nepali food items. As it is near to forest it was named Forest Hotel.

2. Veg Mandir Hotel
Veg Mandir Hotel is also a hotel which is near to Thumki Devi Temple and in just opposite to the Forest Hotel on different side of road. There only veg items are served. Most of the veg people prefer this hotel as it is only the veg hotel of this area. Their food is 100% veg and organic.This hotel provide special discount on food for those who spent their night in hotel.

3. Hotel Onway
Hotel Onway is a small hotel which has about 15 rooms in total and located just in the main road. The price of food is little much higher than of others but room rate is really cheap. Even though the rate of room is cheap the animities and supplies of the room also doesn’t seem enough. Anyway, specially the long travellers stay in his hotel as it is in the main road.


B. Restaurants

1. Aaka cottage
Akka cottage is a small restaurant with great quality of food but the worse level of service. It is popular amoung teenagers. Its a prefect place for the gathering of friends and having fun and celebration.

2. Hawa cottage
It is also a small restaurant started by a single invester and running as his own small business. It isn’t so much popular restaurant. The quality of food and service is not so great but it is negliable while taking look at is’t rate of service.

3. A1 Restaurant
It is small chinese restaurant located in Koliya which serves you with best quality food than all of other around here. You would also get the Nepali and Indian food here but the prioraty is given to the chinese food. And serves the many varieties of foods as well.


C. Resorts

1. Rhino Resort
It is the best resort of this area which is located in hilly village of Deurali named Gaidakhola. It lies on the way on Koliya – Mahadada one day trek route. And it is even near to Rhino waterfall. It has the best service and same best quality of food. It really focus in the guest’s satisfaction. It in the hilly area so, you can enjoy the beautiful low land region of whole Deurali from here with the precious view of Guriwari river mixing with Narayani River. You would really enjoy staying in this resort, give it a try.

2. Regmi Resort
It is a resort in the eastern region of Deurali. It is a newly established resort even though the staffs are well experienced and qualified. It has the best banquet hall, so it more popular for meetings, seminars and parties. You would get the best experience if you host your any kind of party here. Its food and service aren’t so great but its good as much it should be. So, Regmi Resort can be your next destination to stay. It serves you a best quality of food in affordable price.



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Health Institute in Deurali

Health Institutions in Deurali

There are several health service providing institutions in Deurali. You can even found detalied saperate articles about them in Health catagory of our website but in this page we will provide you with short notes of those institutions. The major health centers in this area are outlined and described as :


A. Tika Medical Hall

Tika Medical Hall is the firstly established private health clinic in 2013 AD by Mr. Chabilala Midhun. It is well reputed health service provider in this region. It has established a good public relation with the people of this region by its good quality of health service they provide.
There are two branches of this medical hall and both are in the Deurali area. The first one on Chaurangi village which serves the patients of the eastern Deurali and another branch is in the western part of Deurali in the village named Giruwari. The Guriwari branch sreves the people from village like Koliya, Giruwari and other hilly villages of its region.
It has the long history of providing satisfactory health facility to the people so, everyone prefer this medical collage reather than other health clinic or governmental health center which provide health facility for free.


B. Deurali Health Center

It is a small health center running by the government. It provide health service of the Deurali for free of charge. And it is the first health service provider of this region.
It provide the general health service like general checkup, small operations and so on. If any big diseases or health problem is discovered than they refer you to district hospital. All the health checkup are completly free here. Some medicines are also avaliable for free. Even though it is free but the health quality is so much worse as it is governmental institution. So, people prefer private clinics rather than this.


C. Thumki Clinic

Thumki Clinic was established in 2016 AD for the people of Koliya. Before this clinic was established people of this village used to visit Tika Medical Hall or Deurali Health Center for the health checkup and buying medicines. But after the establishment of this clinic lots of time of locals of Koliya village has been saved. Now same quality of health service is avaliable in their own village.
The fee of this clinic is little high in comparition of other. It might be because there is no any competitors in this area so, anyway people have to visit this clinic as they don’t have any other options. Actually, price range is not to high it is just nageliable.


D. Indra Vet and Pet Health

Indra Vet and Pet Health is being running by Mrs. Indra Thapa a parmenent resident of Koliya. Eventhough she is from Koliya, she established this vet in Giruwari as there is high density of people living there.
This is not a human health center. All the service regarding the health of domastic animals and pets are avaliable here. Not only it focus on animals health but also on plant’s. All kind of pesticides and insectcides are also avaliable here. Indra Vet and Pet Health Center take care of all the animal’s and plant’s health.


E. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a private yoga teaching health school where you would learn about how to live happy and healthy lifestyle. There are two health instructors and three yoga teachers in this institute.
They don’t only teach you how to do yoga, but how can you improve your health ability. They recommend you best yoga practice as per how kind of physical or mental health problme you have. They help to cure your health only with regular yoga and balanced diet.

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Major Places To Visit in Deurali

Place You Must Visit – Deurali

The major places of attraction in Deurali area of Nawalpur districts are fun parks, parks, temples, waterfall, etc. We have covered about those places creating saperate articles of all of them. In this article we have described those places creating their short notes.


A. Rhino Water Fall

Rhino Waterfall is recently discovered waterfall which is about 40 meter tall. It is located in village called Gaidakhola of Deurali. It has become the destination for local tourist. You can enjoy the beautiful waterfall and even refresh yourself swimming in small pond just below the waterfall. You are really gonna enjoy your day there. So, request your friends visit Rhino Waterfall and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

Its free to visit the Rhino waterfall, there is nothing like entry fee or any other charge. You are even allowed to swim in the cool and fresh water below there. It is really a quite and peaceful place, so its prefect for nature lovers.


B. Hill-Top Fun Park

Hill-Top Fun Park is located in the Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of this district as well. Visit this fun park with your family, friends and loved one. There are more than 20 rides waiting for you. There are even beautiful parks where you can walk around and refresh your body with the beautiful smells of flowers all around the park. The parks there are categorized into different sections like water rides, high rides, low/land rides, parks, etc. Visit Hill Top fun park and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

There are lots of rides you can enjoy. And there are also some beautiful parks among which one is free as well. There are small food stall where you can get food really cheap and there are even best serving restaurants as well. And the cost of rides aren’t expensive as well.


C. Thumki Devi Temple

It is the oldest and most respected temple to this region. Lots of visitors visit this temple for research, picnic, worshiping, etc. There a big celebration is done in every Shiva – Ratri festival. Large number of visitors visit this temple everyday and espacially is the major hindu festivals there is very long line of worshippers. The major gods and goddesses worshipped are ; Thumki Devi, Shiva, Ganesh, Manakamana, Vhairav, etc. You must visit this temple once.

Its features are :

It is the best place of those who believes in god more then others. You can also have picnic in this place. And you can join the celebration in major festivals which is really enjoyable.


D. Kundali Park

It is park located in Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municipality, which is the neighbouring municipality of Deurali. There there are beautiful flowers all over the park. It is free to visit park but if you voilet the rules in there the charge is really high for you. You can visit to do yoga, morning walks, small workouts, etc. in morning. And you can visit carrying your books or laptops to work here in peacefully. There would be no one to distract you there.

Its features are :

Its free to visit. There are many beanches and tables all around the park. The environment is really peaceful and quite. It would be even good dating spot if you wanna visit with your lover.


Hence, there are some major places of attraction you could visit in Deurali area of Nawalpur District. But they aren’t the only places to visit. The Giruwari river beach, Godawari Church and Belewa’s Stupa, etc are also major destinations you shouldn’t miss while visiting the Deurali region. Wish you safe journey, make sure to visit Deurali.



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Educational Institutions in Deurali

Educational Institutes in Deurali

There are many educational institutions in Deurali. But some of the most popular and mentioned in this article. Make sure to check the education catagory of our website to get full saperate articals of each of them. Some major educational institutions are :


A. NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is first programming school of Nawalpur District and Deurali. It is even only one boopcamp till this date. Here students are taught various programming languages, scripting languages, markup language, etc by the highly skilled and experienced teachers. It helped more than 2000 students of Nawalpur only till this date from 2015, to get their dream job in big tech companies of Nepal.
The classes in NEPBro’s coding bootcamp are catagorized into various courses. The courses that are taught in this bootcamp are: Web Development, Data Science, Game Development, Backend Progamming, Hacking, Mobile Development, etc.
Hence, its a first bootcamp of Nawalpur and it has be making its skillful and productive since long time. And it is even other branches in Chitwan District and other parts of Nepal.


B. Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School

It is a public high school established in 2017 BS and distrubuting quality education regularly. It is popular all around Nawalpur District. It is located in Basantapur village of Nawalpur. It is the best public school in Nawalpur.
Students are taught in two mediums, Nepali and English. In Nepali medium all books are in Nepali language and the education is completly free. All the expenses of students are covered by the government. In English medium, all books are in english language are students are taught in english too. It is medium introduced by the locals of this village knowing the inpportance of english language. But the education is not free is english medium but is very cheap in comparition to private schools.


C. Thumki Devi Secondary School

It is a only private school of Koliya village of Deurali. It is established by a single investor which is the priencipal of this school. It is the best private school of Deurali. The quality of education they provide is of next level.
They don’t only focus on knowladge which are gained from the book but they focus on the development of students in every aspects, physically, mentally or socially. The students and teachers are very deciplined because of the very strict rules of school. They takes education too seriously so, the reasult of students didn’t disapoint their parents.
The administration is very responsive to the students requestes in educational matter. There is prefect relation between the parents, admins, teachers and students in this school, that’s why the school is running so prefectly.


D. Deurali Community Library :

It is the first established library in Deruali by the organization called READ Nepal. It is located in the Belani village of Deurali. Everyone is welcomed in this library, no restictions for anyone. It is competly free to read any books there. There is even facility of free internet which you can use for educational purposes. Daily about 20 to 40 readers comes here from whole deurali to read books in this library. It is even planning to establish its sister library in different villages of Deurali. It has also been conducting different educational programme to encourage people for the use of library and to educate people about the importance of education in their life.


Hence, they are some of the major educational institutions of Deurali. But there are even more like Agricultural school of Nawalpur, Bhupu Shanik Parvat Academy, Shidartha Santi Niketan, Shree Sarwashoti Sanskrit High School and collage, etc. So, these all institutions are playing vital roles in the educational development in the Deurali Village Municiplity.



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Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park was established by the foreign investors. It is located on the top of Manipur Hill of Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of Nawalpur and Gandaki State. It was established in 2013 AD.


The project for the construction of this Hill Top Fun Park was started in 2010 AD. And completed in 2013 AD. Many people from all around Nepal come to enjoy the rides of this fun park. It is just next to the main highway. Here are lots of rides which are really fun to enjoy. You can’t even enjoy all rides within a day. There is no any fun park near to it, so everyone come here to enjoy the ride so, there is huge traffic in every season.


The Hill Top Fun Park stay closed every monday. On that day, cleaning of whole park is done. This park is so much popular in Nawalpur district. This is the best place to enjoy a day with your friends and family. There are so many rides and parks that will attract you every time you see them. Its in the top of the small hill so, you could see the view of big city from the top and it gives different pleasure to you.


There are more than 20 rides and parks altogather. You can enjoy everything there to entertainment. You can visit parks, water rides, high rides, or land rides.

Different parks and rides in Hil Top Fun Park are :


A. Parks :

There are four different parks in this fun park. Every parks has its own purpose. Amoung them only one of them is free and for others you need to pay. They are :


1. Public Park :

This is the only free park in this fun park where you walk around and rest in the benches. This is free not because it is not good or it doesn’t worth to pay but actual reason is to decrease the traffic in other parks. If you need small rest for short period of time then you can visit this park.


2. Lover’s Park :

This parks is just for young couples or teenagers. There is age restriction of 18 to 28 years old. If you are single than sorry its not for you. There is very prefect place for lovers to date. Everywhere you can see a beautiful flowers around you. You and your loved one would really enjoy this park.


3. Family Park :

If you are with your family and friends than its best place to be. It is no smoking park, you would be charged fine if you voilet the rules. There are some cool monuments to see. There are lots of beautiful fountains which you would love for sure.


4. Children’s Park :

This place is only for childrens below 12 years old. Parents could also visit this park with there childrens. There are some small cool children rides but the entry fee isn’t free. No any adults here only childern and their parents.



B. Water Rides :

There are also many water rides there. There is saperate rides for those who can’t swim and childrens where the water isn’t deep enough. The lifeguard watching you all the time incase if you need any help. You need to take a small bath in a room before entering water ride zone.

Some of the major water rides here are :

– Water Slide

– Swimming Pools

– Water boats

– Water Scarey Sub-way



C. High Rides :

High Rides are also called sky touch ride in this park. There are cool and dangerous looking rides which you would really enjoy a lot. If you love to scare yourself than visit these rides.

Some of the major high rides in this park are :

– ‘Roteay Ping’

– Roller-coster

– 360 fall

– Colombus

– 100 meter Bunjey Jump, etc.



D. Land Rides :

Land Rides are those rides which don’t take you to the sky but make you enjoy a lot. They are small but you would enjoy much more than other rides and parks.

Some of major land rides of Hill-Top Fun Parks are :

– Break fail

– Speedy train

– Scare you

– VR simulators

– Trampling

– Mario Cart

– Zero Gravity, etc


These are the major attractions of the Hill-Top Fun Parks. Make sure to visit the park and enjoy its once with your family, friends or loved one. You won’t feel any stress after returning form here.


Hill-Top Fun Park – Enjoy Your Ride




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NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp – Learn Hello World


NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp :

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is a private programming school/bootcamp where you would be taught several hypertext, scripting and programming language. There are several option of languages to learn as per your interest. It is a programming school established in 2015 AD and quite nice records of students success rate for getting their dream IT job.


Different Programming Classes :

There are various classes that are taught to convert from regular person to a productive programmer. You can learn web development, machine learning, data science, mobile development, game development, ethical hacking, etc.
Some of the popular and major courses are :

A. Web Development :

It is most popular class in this bootcamp. Most of the students prefer learning web development first because it is a really good skill to have even though if you don’t wanna be a programming. Students choose web development because they wanna do freelencing and earn instant money. You have even two courses within a web development : front-end and full-stack web development. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), PhP, Java Script, Angular JS, Bootstrap, etc. are languages you will be taught in this class.

B. Data Science

Data Science is a course where you are gonna be capable enough to get the job as data scientist in any IT company. You will learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning, etc in this class. It is recently added course in the bootcamp after high number of students requesting this couser to be taught. And its popularity is increasing day by day.

C. Game Development

You have some options in game development if you wanna learn game development for only one operating system like only for iso, android, windows, console, etc. But this course consist of whole course. You would learn languages like C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, etc. Not only languages you would even learn about different game engines like Unity, Buildbox, Unreal, etc. You would be capable of build 2D / 3D games after the completion of this course.

D. Android Development :

You’re next course/class to learn is android development. In this course you would learn everything about building android games, softwares, applications, etc. The main priority is given to JAVA language, but recently Kotlin is also added and focused. You would be capable of building android apps, softwares and games for yourself or for your client after completion of this course.


Fee Structure :

The fee structure is not so high in this coding bootcamp. It would cost you little high if you wish to learn only one or single course. But it will cost you cheap if you choose two or more course. You will get special discount if you refer other students as well.


Features :

– Students would be capable of getting their dream job.
– You can learn programming skill in really short time.
– The fee stracture is affordable by all students.
– You would be paying for only those course that you learn, not monthly.
– Even bootcamp help you get job if you are one of the best preformer and fast learner.
– You can get extra discount if you refer your friend.
– You will get opportuniy of learning online, you don’t have to attend class in bootcamp you can learn from anywhere online.
– You would be taught by very knowladgable be experienced teachers.


So, its a only coding bootcamp in Deurali and Nawalpur District. It was established in 2015 and regularly making students prodictive and skillful in programming. It is introducing its new branch in Chitwan and Nawalprasi district within this year. If you wanna learn programming than you are welcome here. Teacher are very helpful and supportive. Many students graduated from here are working on big tech companies now. If they can, than you aren’t less capable than them you just need is a good institute to learn programming. And NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp would be the best option for your success.



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