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Turn Down Service, Bed Making And Flower Arrangement

Evening Service / Turn Down Service

The service wihch is given only in occupied room is the evening for a comfortable night stay. The blanket of the bed is turned toward downward so it is called ”Turndown Service” as well. Generally, it is done between 6pm – 9pm.



Steps involved are :

– Keep the maid trolley at the door.

– Knock the door with index finger, and open the door announcing ”Housekeeping” and enter into the room.

– Switch on the lights, close the window and curtain.

– Arrange the guest belongings / articals if they are here and there.

– Remove the bed spread / bed cover and keep it at the secure place or at cupboard.

– Turn the blanket on the bed around 45 degree downward from the guest convinent side.

– Place the door knob cards, breakfast menu, room service menu and other sales materials on the bed or on the bed side table as per the management policy.

– Place the slippers at the footside of the bed.

– Remove trace from the bin / clean waste paper basket.

– Clean the ashtray and room tumbler ( water glass ) if used.

– Reflush the W/C, remove the soiled towels and replace the bathroom supplies if necessary.

– Switch off all the lights except bedside lamp and adjust the AC at previously adjusted temperature.

– Use vacuum cleaner if required.

– Place pralines, chocolates or fruit basket as per management policy.

– Give a glance / final look, maintain the register and close the door.




Bed MakingĀ 

Bed making is an essential job done by the room attendent while attending / cleaning the room. A freshly made bed gives a neat appearance even other areas have not been touched. The steps followed for bed making are :


– Remove all the guest’s articals / belongings from the bed and keep it in secure place.

– Remove all the linens from the bed with proper shaking individually to be sure that no any guest’s articals are trapped into the fold.

– Keep the blanket and pillow on the sofa.

– Replace the matress protector and change the side of the matress, if necessary.

– Place the first bed sheet on the bed with evenly spread from each side and tuck it from the head side.

– Place the second bedsheet on the top of the first bed sheet up to the head board in upside down position.

– Place the blanket on the top of the second bed sheet 6” ( six inches ) away from the head board.

– Place the third bedsheet on top of blanket and tuck it properly.

– Mitre the bedsheet along with the blanket with tucking properly and professionally.

– Place the pillow into the pillowcase and place it on the bed with keeping the slives at the centre.

– Tuck the loose ends of the pillow and cover the bed using bed cover / bed spread.

– Be sure that the bed cover is evenly spread from each side.




Flower ArrangementĀ 

Flower arrangement is an essential job done by ‘florist’. It is done for stimulating the mind and the ambience. It is done in different areas of the hotel like, lobby, guest’s room, executive offices, banquet hall, etc.



Materials required for flower arrangement :

– Different types of flowers

– Mud / soil, stone, pebbles, marbles, etc.

– Flower vase / pot

– Water and sprayer

– Bucket / basin

– Scissor, tread, needle, pin, toothpick, etc.

– Wrapping paper / plastic foil. tape, etc.

– Ribbon, band, wire, etc.



Flower colour and their themes

a. Red – Love and bravery

b. Blue – Peace and serenity

c. Yellow – Cheerful and youthfulness

d. Orange – Courage, energy and hope

e. White – Purity and delicateness

f. Black – Mysticism and drama

g. Grey – Mildness

h. Magenta – Richness and luxury



Various arrangements and shapes

a. Symmetrical

b. A – symmetrical

c. Ikebana

d. Triangular

e. Crescent

f. Circular

h. Fan

i. Pyramidal, etc.





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