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Health Institute in Deurali

Health Institutions in Deurali

There are several health service providing institutions in Deurali. You can even found detalied saperate articles about them in Health catagory of our website but in this page we will provide you with short notes of those institutions. The major health centers in this area are outlined and described as :


A. Tika Medical Hall

Tika Medical Hall is the firstly established private health clinic in 2013 AD by Mr. Chabilala Midhun. It is well reputed health service provider in this region. It has established a good public relation with the people of this region by its good quality of health service they provide.
There are two branches of this medical hall and both are in the Deurali area. The first one on Chaurangi village which serves the patients of the eastern Deurali and another branch is in the western part of Deurali in the village named Giruwari. The Guriwari branch sreves the people from village like Koliya, Giruwari and other hilly villages of its region.
It has the long history of providing satisfactory health facility to the people so, everyone prefer this medical collage reather than other health clinic or governmental health center which provide health facility for free.


B. Deurali Health Center

It is a small health center running by the government. It provide health service of the Deurali for free of charge. And it is the first health service provider of this region.
It provide the general health service like general checkup, small operations and so on. If any big diseases or health problem is discovered than they refer you to district hospital. All the health checkup are completly free here. Some medicines are also avaliable for free. Even though it is free but the health quality is so much worse as it is governmental institution. So, people prefer private clinics rather than this.


C. Thumki Clinic

Thumki Clinic was established in 2016 AD for the people of Koliya. Before this clinic was established people of this village used to visit Tika Medical Hall or Deurali Health Center for the health checkup and buying medicines. But after the establishment of this clinic lots of time of locals of Koliya village has been saved. Now same quality of health service is avaliable in their own village.
The fee of this clinic is little high in comparition of other. It might be because there is no any competitors in this area so, anyway people have to visit this clinic as they don’t have any other options. Actually, price range is not to high it is just nageliable.


D. Indra Vet and Pet Health

Indra Vet and Pet Health is being running by Mrs. Indra Thapa a parmenent resident of Koliya. Eventhough she is from Koliya, she established this vet in Giruwari as there is high density of people living there.
This is not a human health center. All the service regarding the health of domastic animals and pets are avaliable here. Not only it focus on animals health but also on plant’s. All kind of pesticides and insectcides are also avaliable here. Indra Vet and Pet Health Center take care of all the animal’s and plant’s health.


E. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a private yoga teaching health school where you would learn about how to live happy and healthy lifestyle. There are two health instructors and three yoga teachers in this institute.
They don’t only teach you how to do yoga, but how can you improve your health ability. They recommend you best yoga practice as per how kind of physical or mental health problme you have. They help to cure your health only with regular yoga and balanced diet.

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