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Educational Institutions in Deurali

Educational Institutes in Deurali

There are many educational institutions in Deurali. But some of the most popular and mentioned in this article. Make sure to check the education catagory of our website to get full saperate articals of each of them. Some major educational institutions are :


A. NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is first programming school of Nawalpur District and Deurali. It is even only one boopcamp till this date. Here students are taught various programming languages, scripting languages, markup language, etc by the highly skilled and experienced teachers. It helped more than 2000 students of Nawalpur only till this date from 2015, to get their dream job in big tech companies of Nepal.
The classes in NEPBro’s coding bootcamp are catagorized into various courses. The courses that are taught in this bootcamp are: Web Development, Data Science, Game Development, Backend Progamming, Hacking, Mobile Development, etc.
Hence, its a first bootcamp of Nawalpur and it has be making its skillful and productive since long time. And it is even other branches in Chitwan District and other parts of Nepal.


B. Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School

It is a public high school established in 2017 BS and distrubuting quality education regularly. It is popular all around Nawalpur District. It is located in Basantapur village of Nawalpur. It is the best public school in Nawalpur.
Students are taught in two mediums, Nepali and English. In Nepali medium all books are in Nepali language and the education is completly free. All the expenses of students are covered by the government. In English medium, all books are in english language are students are taught in english too. It is medium introduced by the locals of this village knowing the inpportance of english language. But the education is not free is english medium but is very cheap in comparition to private schools.


C. Thumki Devi Secondary School

It is a only private school of Koliya village of Deurali. It is established by a single investor which is the priencipal of this school. It is the best private school of Deurali. The quality of education they provide is of next level.
They don’t only focus on knowladge which are gained from the book but they focus on the development of students in every aspects, physically, mentally or socially. The students and teachers are very deciplined because of the very strict rules of school. They takes education too seriously so, the reasult of students didn’t disapoint their parents.
The administration is very responsive to the students requestes in educational matter. There is prefect relation between the parents, admins, teachers and students in this school, that’s why the school is running so prefectly.


D. Deurali Community Library :

It is the first established library in Deruali by the organization called READ Nepal. It is located in the Belani village of Deurali. Everyone is welcomed in this library, no restictions for anyone. It is competly free to read any books there. There is even facility of free internet which you can use for educational purposes. Daily about 20 to 40 readers comes here from whole deurali to read books in this library. It is even planning to establish its sister library in different villages of Deurali. It has also been conducting different educational programme to encourage people for the use of library and to educate people about the importance of education in their life.


Hence, they are some of the major educational institutions of Deurali. But there are even more like Agricultural school of Nawalpur, Bhupu Shanik Parvat Academy, Shidartha Santi Niketan, Shree Sarwashoti Sanskrit High School and collage, etc. So, these all institutions are playing vital roles in the educational development in the Deurali Village Municiplity.



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