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NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp – Learn Hello World


NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp :

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is a private programming school/bootcamp where you would be taught several hypertext, scripting and programming language. There are several option of languages to learn as per your interest. It is a programming school established in 2015 AD and quite nice records of students success rate for getting their dream IT job.


Different Programming Classes :

There are various classes that are taught to convert from regular person to a productive programmer. You can learn web development, machine learning, data science, mobile development, game development, ethical hacking, etc.
Some of the popular and major courses are :

A. Web Development :

It is most popular class in this bootcamp. Most of the students prefer learning web development first because it is a really good skill to have even though if you don’t wanna be a programming. Students choose web development because they wanna do freelencing and earn instant money. You have even two courses within a web development : front-end and full-stack web development. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), PhP, Java Script, Angular JS, Bootstrap, etc. are languages you will be taught in this class.

B. Data Science

Data Science is a course where you are gonna be capable enough to get the job as data scientist in any IT company. You will learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning, etc in this class. It is recently added course in the bootcamp after high number of students requesting this couser to be taught. And its popularity is increasing day by day.

C. Game Development

You have some options in game development if you wanna learn game development for only one operating system like only for iso, android, windows, console, etc. But this course consist of whole course. You would learn languages like C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, etc. Not only languages you would even learn about different game engines like Unity, Buildbox, Unreal, etc. You would be capable of build 2D / 3D games after the completion of this course.

D. Android Development :

You’re next course/class to learn is android development. In this course you would learn everything about building android games, softwares, applications, etc. The main priority is given to JAVA language, but recently Kotlin is also added and focused. You would be capable of building android apps, softwares and games for yourself or for your client after completion of this course.


Fee Structure :

The fee structure is not so high in this coding bootcamp. It would cost you little high if you wish to learn only one or single course. But it will cost you cheap if you choose two or more course. You will get special discount if you refer other students as well.


Features :

– Students would be capable of getting their dream job.
– You can learn programming skill in really short time.
– The fee stracture is affordable by all students.
– You would be paying for only those course that you learn, not monthly.
– Even bootcamp help you get job if you are one of the best preformer and fast learner.
– You can get extra discount if you refer your friend.
– You will get opportuniy of learning online, you don’t have to attend class in bootcamp you can learn from anywhere online.
– You would be taught by very knowladgable be experienced teachers.


So, its a only coding bootcamp in Deurali and Nawalpur District. It was established in 2015 and regularly making students prodictive and skillful in programming. It is introducing its new branch in Chitwan and Nawalprasi district within this year. If you wanna learn programming than you are welcome here. Teacher are very helpful and supportive. Many students graduated from here are working on big tech companies now. If they can, than you aren’t less capable than them you just need is a good institute to learn programming. And NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp would be the best option for your success.



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