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Some Locally Established Restaurants – Better Food Cheap Rate

Aaka Cottage

Aaka Cottage was established in 2018 AD by the group of three friends. It is located in upper Basantapur village. It is a small hotel or actually its a restaurant but without much more varities of food and service.

Here you would be served with delicious food in very reginiable price. The cost of any service and food would cost you very cheap but the quality of food would be of same level as of nice restaurant. It was established in small budget and provide some minor facilities as well.

Features of Akka Cottage :

– Quality of food is really mouth watering.
– The rate of food is cheaper than anywhere else.
– Some small service like Hukka and Liqueres are also served.
– No any service charge are added while serving food.
– Its best place of friends gathering and meetup.
– Its in quite away from main village so, there is full privacy for those who drinks or smokes seceretly.

Drawbacks of Aaka Cottage :

– Although it don’t charge any service charges, but its service is really bad.
– They are selling liquers illegally, or their cottage isn’t approved governmentally for selling any liquers.
– Not recommended for family gathering.



Hawa Cottage

Hawa Cottage is another small scale restaruant established by a person as his personal business. Here you can have really good food is cheap price but same as of Akka cottage service isn’t good. They sell liquers but you can’t drink there. You have to take you to your home. Although, you can smoke there but only in smokeing zone which is saperted for smokers. Its also best for friends gathering and small celebration. It was established is very less investment by a single investor.



A1 Chinese Restaurant

A1 Chinese Restaurant is also a small scale locally established restaurant which lies in lane no.5 of Koliya village. It was a small personal business oned by Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa. He was a main cook in a well repurted Chinese restaurant in China before. He returned back Nepal and started a new business on his own in 2016 AD. It was established is more investment than of other two.

The major food items of this restaurant is Chinese foods. Other than Chinese other foods like Nepali and Indian food items are also served. Here are 4 employes working togather with Mr. Thapa and all employes are well experienced. Here you can have delicious and varities of food items in affordable rate.

Food Items Served Here :
A. Chinese
i. Dim Sums
ii. Quick noodels
iii. Szechwan Chilli Chicken
iv. Stir Fried Tofu
v. Varities of Chinese Soups, etc.

B. Nepali
i. MO:MO (several varities)
ii. Thakali Thali
iii. Newari Cousine
iv. Gundruk – Dhedo
v. Sekuwa, Choila, etc

C. Indian
i. Murg Makhani
ii. Tandoori Chicken
iii. Chicken Tikka Masala
iv. Chicken Vindaloo Curry, etc.

Note : Beside these dish other regular nepali fast foods and general items found in other small hotels and cottages are also served.

Features :

– Your food would be prepared by highly skilled cooks.
– The quality of service is also very good.
– They don’t charge any other additional charges like VAT, service charge, etc.
– The price of food is really affordable.
– Its prefect place for either friends or family gathering.
– They even sells liquers, and you can enjoy it here as well but there is llimit how much you can drink here which is its nice aspect.
– There are varities of options of food items which you wanna enjoy.

Drawbacks of A1 Chinese Restaurant :

– Eventhough the name is Chinese Restaurant but only few major chinese varities are served, it basially serves Nepali food items more.
– They don’t provide you facility of accomodation.
– Smoking zone isn’t saperetly maintained.

Overall these are some of the locally established food service providing small scale restaurants. Amoung three of them A1 Chinese Restaurant is the best in both food quality and service than other to, but the price is little more in A1 Chinese Restaurant which is actually negotiable in term of service they provide. After A1 Restaurant, Aaka cottage holds second position and Hawa cottage comes last in term of both service and food. These all restaurants don’t offer accomodation facility. In term of privacy Aaka Cottage is better than other Restaurants. But in term of food varities no one beat A1 Chinese Restaurant.



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