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Godawari Church – First Church of its area

Godawari Church

Godawari church was established in 2011 AD by the christan community of Deurali. It is the only church in Guriwari village and is the oldest one of the Deurali.


Reason behind its establishment :

Before 2000’s there were no any people who follow christinity. Later on, people started learning new things and discovered a very intresting religion. Of course, christinity dosn’t sound so much intresting for you but it was completly new experience to follow to whome who didn’t know about christinity is also a religion before. Later on few family started following the religion after some years that number increased. And people used to gather in someone’s house every saterday for prayeing lord. Later on more people started follow the religion and it was diffecult to gather in someone’s house. So, they established a common place to gather and prayer and named it Godawari Church. This is how the church was established.


Sister Churches :

There was only one church for all the people of Deurali which wasn’t enough. Before, people from different villages of Deurali used to gather in Godawori Church. It was too far for them to reach there so, christien community of Deurali decided to establish some other sister churches.

1. Belani Church :
Belani Church is the sister church of Godawari church established especially for the people living in two village, Belani and Chaurangi. It was established in 2013 AD. Before people of Beluwa also used to gather here until Beluwa Church was established.

2. Beluwa Church :
Beluwa Church is the sister church of Godawari church established for the people of Beluwa. It was established in 2014 AD. Before 2014 AD people of Beluwa used to gather in Belani Church.

3. Koliya Church :
Koliya Church is the sister church of Godawari church established in 2016 AD. It was established for the people of Koliya and hilly area of Deurali. Now a days people from hilly area don’t come here, as they have their own church which is easily accessable for them.

4. Guheri Church :
Guheri Church was newly established church. Its date of establishment was late 2019. People of hilly villages of Deurali gather here every saterdsay. People from Guheri, Thadakhola, Gaidakhola and Gaijataar gather in this church. Before its establlishment they have to gather in Koliya Church but now its really easy for them.



Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Good aspects of Godawari Church :

– They even do small celebrations in hindus and other religion’s major festivals.
– If you are any other religion other than christinity, don’t worry you can even let you enter the church and celebrate with them.
– At the time of christmas, they invites all the people doesn’t matter which religion you follow.
– In conclusion, they respect all religion equally and they have the feeling of religious tolarance.


Some bad aspects of Godawari Church :

– You are free to enter the church but you would feel like they even want you to follow the same religion.
– They want to ignore using red colored stuffs to just to show themself different from other religion. ( sounds unbeliable right, but its not only in Godawori Church but in most church of Nepal, but now a days this trend is decreased and almost about to end )
– They actually advertise their religion indirectly which doesn’t seems good thing do.


That’s all about Godabari Church. Godawari is not a single church but a group of itself and its sister churches which are all around the Deurali. You are free to visit and learn something new about how they follow their religion. And if you are intrested in following the same religion then are gonna warmly welcome you.

You must visit Godawari church or any of its sister church at the time you christmas. You would enjoy a lot that day. They would offer you a delicious free meal. You can sing and dance with a Santa. Santa even gives you a gift. Christian people of Deurali don’t celebrate Christmas only with their family. Actuall all of them gather togather and celebrate in a group in Church. That’s why you should definately visit the Godawari or its sister church once.

Godawari Church – Maintaining religious tolerance.



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