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Koliya Football Ground

Koliya football ground

Koliya football ground comes into use after the establishment of Shree Bal Kalyad Primary School. This ground was used as a school ground for school students before but later on it comes into public use. As mentioned on its name, Koliya football ground lies in Koliya Village.

It’s in use since 2042 BS and its now more than of 30 decades. The ground was so small before because it has been used only by school students. Later on the size of ground was increased and changed into football ground. At first, the football field was so large than of the regular football field. It was the longest/largest football field of this area. But later on the size of field was decreased and regular football field size was maintained. The direction ground was North to South before, and now it was changed to East to West.


Thumki Devi Football Team
Thumki Devi Football Team

Thumki Devi Youth Club :

The Koliya Football ground is being maintained by Thumki Devi Youth Club. It is a youth club organized two decades ago, but its orginal date is unknown. It was just a group of small number of boys who used to maintain and play football regularly, or we can call it a football club. But later on so much has been changed and its not only the small football team but a group of youth. This is how the Thumki Devi Youth Club was formed. And it get its name from a very popular temple “Thumki Devi” of Koliya village.


Football Tournament :

In this football ground inter-district football tournament is hosted by Thumki Devi Youth Club. The tournament is hosted every year in occasion of Dashain and Tihar festival. The tournament held for whole month or even long. More than 30 football teams registers for tournament every year. The tournament is conducted on knockout system. The first place prise incresases every year. For the tournament different local orginazation helps a lot. Even locals helps them rising fund for hosting the tournament.
The profited money collected after hosting tournament is used for the development of locality. Like building bus stops, renovating Thumki Devi temple, gravelling the road, etc.


Other than football :

Not only the football tournament but vollyball and cricket are also regularly conducted. There is a small vollyball court in side of football field whereas cricket tournament is held within the football field by changing football field into cricket field. But the vollyball and cricket tournament aren’t hosted in bigger scale as of football tournament. Only the local teams participate in the tournament and those tournaments don’t have any fixed time to be held.

Not only for those games and tournaments Koliya football ground is being used for various purposes :
– Ofcourse, for hosting verious tournaments
– For practicing the football skills.
– People even use this ground for learning bike and bicycle riding.
– The outer parts of ground (not the main field) has lots of green grass which are used to feed domastic animals cutting them.
– There several festivals and events are even conducted in occasion of different fistivals.
– This ground actually belongs to a school, so the school even use this ground for their puropse like conducting school programmes.
– Its even used for doing yoga walk, morning walks, and running in early morning.


Construction Area Of New Stedium
Construction Area Of New Stedium

New Stedium :

New project for the construction of the new stedium was passed in Koliya village which would be first stedium of whole Nawalpur District. The new stedium would be constructed near to the todays football ground. This football ground is not going to be only a football stedium. Is stedium is to be built in such a way that it can be used both for football and cricket games. Although, the focus would be for cricket. This is a governmental project so it is sure to take much more time than of the expected time. Till that date, todays football ground is the mostly used us main ground of Koliya village.

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