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Koliya Mahadada Trek – Short one day trek

Koliya Mahadada Trek

Koliya Mahadada Trek is a one day trek route which starts from Koliya Village and ends in Mahadada Village. It’s a short one day trek route. It’s both starting and ending points are in same District and even in same Municipality.

This trek starts from Kolilya, a village lies in Nawalpur district. Once you are in koliya and you are good to start your one day trek. The first challange of this whole trek route is to cross Guribari River. If you are in winter season than it would be so easy for you as the river would be so small. But crossing river in summer/rainy season is a big deal. There is no any bridge till this date but the construction is starting soon. Once you cross river than the journey to climb uphill starts. When you start treking you would meet several locals who would help you guiding you a way. The first village you would reach would be Gaidakhola which is a village where Rhino Waterfall and Rhino River Resort lies. You can have a meal in that resort and start your rest of the journey.

After a 1.5 hours of hike from the Gaidakhola you will reach a beautifull village called Magrat. There you can enjoy the cultral dance of mogar community. Rest in ‘chautari’ in Magrat village for a while and explore the village, meet locals and many more. Don’t spend much time though otherwise you aren’t making to Mahadada. Once you leave the Magrat village after a short hike you would reach small park named Magrat park. This park was build by the villagers of Magrat villagers for the visitors to rest. Take a short rest, refill your water bottle and continue your journey.

After you leave Magrat Park behind than the real trek starts. You would have to climb stright uphills and the last stop is Mahadada. There aren’t any small village and parks on the way now. You would meet some locals though. And after a regular 3 hours of stright uphill trek from Magrat Park, you would finally reach your distination. And your journey ends there.

On the northern side of a Mahadada you would see a clear view of beautiful mountain range of Himalayas. And down on the eastern side you would see a different thing, low land. The view yo low land villageses looks something different in night time. The small light looks like a twinkleing stars. And you would feel like sky is both above and below you. While enjoying a night view don’t forget to check-in to a hotel or you can enjoy home stay as well. And I would prefer home stay. Because it will cost you really cheap.

If you aren’t lazy enough to wake up in early morning than you are gonna enjoy your coffee with beutiful view of sun riseing from low land villages below you. And when those rays of rising sun hits the mountains, you would see the white colour of mountain changing to orange, than you would feel like you are really in heaven. Don’t forget to use view tower there because the same view from view tower looks something different.

Guide before trek :
– Don’t forget to carry a camera with you if you want to capture beautiful views.
– Carry a water bottle and keep refilling it whenever you see a water tap.
– Don’t forget meet and talk with locals, you would discovre some new things.
– Don’t spend your time in just one place or wou wouldn’t make it to top till evening.
– Don’t over sleep next morning or you would miss the beautiful view.
– And lastly, I would recommend you to spend night in homestay rather than in hotel but it’s upto you.

Thats all about the Koliya Mahadada trek. If you don’t have much more time to enjoy the treking then try Koliya Mahadada trek. You would get same level of experiance and satisfaction by this one day trek. This is the best treking route for those who don’t have enough time. Even if you are begainner in treking than try this route first, and you would have whole knowladge of trek. And you would be prefectly prepared to try other long day treking routes.
Enjoy treking, Enjoy Nature and Enjoy a New Experiance on Koliya Mahadada One day trek route.

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