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Deurali Community Library – Free Education For All

Deurali Community Library

Deurali community library was established in 2070 BS by organization called READ Nepal. It is the first community library of Deurali area. It lies in Belani village of Nawalpur District.

Post Holders :

Chair Preson – Mr. Chok Bahadur Paija
Vice – Chair Person – Mr. Ishor Babu Bhushal
Accountant – Mr. Dil Bahadur Bhujel
Other Members – Mr. Ganesh Prashad Gaire
Mrs. Ganga Kumari Bhujel
Mrs. Parbati Pudashaini

There are more than 2400 books in this library. Daily about 20 to 40 readers visit this library to read books. Before this library there was no other public/community library not only in Belani but in whole Deurali. This library focuses on improving social knowladge of villagers. Everyone is free to go and read books although you can’t take it your home. If you want to take a book to home you should diposit certain money in counter which you would get return back when you return the book.


Aim of Deurali Community Library :

– To contribute in education sector of the village.
– To distribute education for free.
– To develop the mental capability and health of the villagers.
– To help people under proverty line by letting them read books for free.


Features and facilities :

– You can read any books for free of cost.
– You would even get access to the free internet service.
– You can even borrow books home dipositiong certain amount.
– Enough tables and benches that can hold more than 50 readers at a time.
– Clean and peacefull environment.


Limitation :

– You can’t borrow books without dipositing some amount.
– The borrowed book should be returned within a week.
– You can’t make any noise while reading.
– Although they provide free internet, for can’t use it other than educational purpose.
– If you are using internet on your mobile, remember to dropdown the volume so it doesn’t distrub other readers.
– You should place back from where you picked it up, after reading.


Different programms conducted of this organization :

– It provide computer trainning program in very cheap price.
– It has be encouraging others people for the use of library.
– It conducts several inter-school quiz programs in Deurali area.
– It some times run clean of village campaings too.
– It runs several programs to help poor childerns to provide them some financial supports.

The books in this library are divided into srveral sections. For example; children, adults, science, poetry, nobels, etc. The childrens aren’t allowed in the adult section. The different sections makes it easier in the management of books. The books in this library are regularly updated. Some new books are added every months. There is no limitation for the readers, there is everything they want to learn about.


How this organization is running :

The Deurali Community Library didn’t charge any cost to the readers. So, there is no any direct source of income for the organization. It actuall gets money for its management by the donaters. Different other organizations regularly donates the library. Some locals also donate the library to its regularity. Espacially, different schools donate the library as school know how important the education is.


As it is only the library in the Deurali area, it is not accessable to the all the readers of Deurali. So, this library’s next aim is to eatablist other different sister librarirs all around the Municiplity. Locals and village executive are so much inspired by this beautiful campaing of Deurali Community Library. And they are helping as much then can by donating some money and riseing donations as well. According to the chair-person of Deurali Community Library at first the hilly area of Deurali would of given priority and the library would be built in such area first and then to others low land of tarie region. This campaing is dated to be started from the next new 2078 BS. Although fund raising programming is going on.

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