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Thumki Devi Temple – Hindu Holy Temple

Thumki Devi Temple

Thumki Devi Temple is a hindu temple located in a small village called Koliya of Nawalpur District of Nepal. It was eatablished in early 90s, the actual date is unknown. It is the most popular Hindu Temple of this area.


Thumki Devi
Thumki Devi

Name and Establishment :

Thumki Devi Temple is not temple which is only reknown for one god/goddess. But, ofcourse mainly Goddess Thumki Devi is worshipped. It has own story on how it was estasblished. There was a big rock than of usual one. And wline people dig that rock, it was said and belived that blood comes out of the rock. And people started worshipping the rock giving it a name as Thumki Devi. This is how the temple was discovered and named.


Popularity :

People strongly belives on Thumki Devi Temple, that Thumki Devi will understand their pain and problems, and will help them to overcome those problems. It is the most popular around here because it is the oldest one in this area. According to locals, all the credits of their happiness goes to Thumki Devi. Even schools, youth clubs and other small organizations are named after this temple. Lots of visiters comes from far away comes to visit and worship this temple. People don’t only visit Thumki Devi for worshipping but also for other purpose. Some of them visit for picnic purpose as well. Actually its pretty famous as picnic spot as well. Usually local schools take their students for picnic in Thumki Devi Temple.

As Thumki Devi Temple is in the forest (not deep inside) its not only the home for gods/goddesses but also some small animals like pigeons, monkeys, squerrals and other birds and small wild animals. And that is what its popular for as well.


How can you reach there :

You can reach Thumki Devi Temple by bus bikes or any other means of transport. Its not hard to reach Thumki Devi Temple. Reach the village Koliya and check the google maps on your cell phone or ask with any locals, they would surely help you. And be sure cameras aren’t allowed within the main temples.


Prefect time to visit :

There is not a fixed time or date to visit Thumki Devi Temple. It totally depends upon you and your purpose of visiting. As its a temple the prefect day to visit would be, whenever you feel like you need to visit. But as already mentioned, it depends upon your purpose of visiting :

A. Worshipping

If you want to visit for worshipping, then it would be best to target some major hindu fastival or holy days. But you are free to visit and worship anytime.

B. Picnic

If your purpose of visit is for picnic programme then don’t target the major fastivals as there are gonne be lots of traffic, so it is not gonna be fun anymore. So, pick a date that suts your team and you.


Renovation of Temple
Renovation of Temple

Facilities for visitors :

There are lots of hotels and resorts near to the temple. Thatswhy even you aren’t from that region you can still visit temple and help local business staying in there hotels or resort. Actually we visit temples for worship gods/goddesses not for pleasure but we still need some basic facilities there, right ?

And ya no need to worry ;

– There are some guest houses and hotels near to temple where you can spend your night if you need luxsery/comfort.

– Temple itself provide you slepping bag which you should return next day and you are gonna spent your night on large hall with many other visiters.

– Clean and fresh drinking water 24 hours and washroom too.

– You can found small stalls near by where you can buy materials you need for worshipping.

– Free yoga class every 7PM (only for visiters from out of that region).


Major Temples :

There is not only a single temple to worship or visit, there are lots for you to see.

Major god/goddess worshipped in Thumki Devi Temple :

– Thumki Devi

– Shiva

– Ganesh

– Bishnu

– Bhairab

– Kali


Don’t get confused there are not just temples of only those short listed gods/goddess. Believe me or not but I’m sure that you won’t be disspointed visiting this holy place. Visit Thumki Devi Temple and clear your soal from bad deeds and starting your new life.



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