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Rhino Waterfall – Place to enjoy nature

Rhino Waterfall

Rhino Waterfall has resently discovered waterfall can be found on place called Gaidakhola. Its not so big based on the volume of water falling down but its quite normal while we take a look to its height.



How it become popular

There is no other waterfalls as big as this one in this region, thats the reason why its so populer. Actually no one any idea about Rhino Waterfall before. But as the lockdown goes on incersing, people stucked in their home. So, they started exploring for their refreshment and discovered Rhino Waterfall. Once the person posted a picture of that waterfall, others started doing same visiting the waterfall. This is it become so popular is such short period of time.



Reason behind its name

Actually, the waterfall didn’t had any name before. As it was near to the Rhino River Resort, it was named after the resort and so called Rhino Waterfall. There is nothing to do with Rhino but its the Resort whice gave it a name. This is how a no-named waterfall got its name.



Way to Rhino Waterfall

As the location of Rhino Waterfall is in hilly area the way to this waterfall isn’t so easy. But now-days because of people regularly visiting the waterfall the way has become little easier than of before. Small childerns and old aged people can’t visit that place but there is no any problem for others. You can go on bike upto Rhino River Resort but from there you have to walk on your own. As the way from Resort to Waterfall is a bit similer to trecking route you can even enjoy the similer experience of treaking.


Rhino Waterfall
Rhino Waterfall

There are two small strems mixed togather making it a bit large waterfall and even looks way better. You can even swim below the waterfall on the pond made by the force of falling water. Water are really cold even if you visit there in summer season. So, make sure you have made a plan to visit Rhino Waterfall in summer season. If you visit the waterfall in winter season the water is so cold that you can’t even swim. Thats not a only reason for not visiting in winter region but also the volume of decreases so its not would be as similer as of summer season. In summer season you can swim on cool and fresh water which refreshes you a lot. The volume of water makes is look really great waterfall.


If you are visiting Rhino Waterfall :

– Make sure its a summer season

– Don’t take your childerns with you or you need to carry them the whole way

– Don’t expect you would found any living rhino there, it’s name is a scam 😀

– Make sure that, you have a enough time so you could enjoy the natural beauty of waterfall

– Carry some snacks and a water bottel with you because you have to travel uphill so, you need to refill your energy

– Don’t go alone, request your friend to join you as its not any fun visiting alone there.


Why Rhino Waterfall :

– Its the largest waterfall of whole Deurali region.

– You can take the real taste of nature beauty.

– Its located quite away from the human civilization so its really peacefull there.

– Only sound you here is sound of falling water and birds singing you a song.

– You can visit the waterfall and return back home within a day if you are from Deurali.

– If you aren’t from deurali area then Rhino River Resort is very near to waterfall so there would be no any problem of accomodation.

– You can even swim on the clear and fresh water just below the waterfall.


If you don’t know the way to Rhino Waterfall don’t worry just reach Rhino River Resort first and you would see a board guiding/pointing you a way to Rhino Waterfall. If you don’t even know where the Rhino River Resort then feel free to ask any locals there they will guide you to the Resort.


Visit Rhino Waterfall not just to enjoy waterfall. Visit Rhino Waterfall :

– To enjoy natueral environment.

– To enjoy cold and fresh water of waterfall.

– To enjoy trecking.

– To discover new place.


Happy Visiting Rhino Waterfall. 



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