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Rhino River Resort – Prefect Resort For You


Rhino River Resort is a small resort with great facility of food and service located on the hilltop of Deurali, Nawalpur. Its was established in 2014 AD. It is the oldest resort of its area. Most of the people prefer Rhino River Cottage because its the oldest one and the staffs are very experienced and highly skilled.


View From Rhino River Resort
View from Rhino River Resort

Rhino River Resort offers you a good quality of food and facility of accomodation as well. It is one of popular resort of that place. You can enjoy your meal with the priceless view of Koliya Village and Gurbari river on your east and high hills on northern part. It is very close to the small forest so you can hear birds singing if you aren’t lazy enough to wake up in the early morning.


You can reach the resoert by foot which will take you 15/20 minutes to reach there. You can’t reach there using public vehicles are there arn’t any facilities of public transportation till this date. Although if want to reach there using your own private vichicle make sure its bike as the road isn’t so good. It will take around 10 minutes or little more to reach there on your bike. If you wanna reach there using air transport its not possible till now. But don’t worry the construction of hillpad is going on. And it will be ready to use is 4/5 months or so.



While taking about its service, price of products may be a little expensive but its fare as per its location. The quality of service they provide is as good as of any reknown star hotel or resort. Very friendly employes and hospitality they provide is of A+ quality. In scale of 1 to 5, I rate it 4.8 stars. Resort is ready for your service 24/7. I highly recommend you to stay in Rhino River Resort if you are visiting Deurali area of Nawalpur District of Nepal. Famous dish of this resort is Buff mo:mo, Sukuti, Fats-less burger, Smokey Ice-Tea and Cold coffee. The price of food is little more expensive but if you are staying in resort for over night then it will cost you way less because of its amazing Discount Policy. And most wonderfull part is resort don’t charge you any additional charge like service charge or so on and I guess they cover these amount with a bit expensive food.



Food Plan in Rhino River Resort:

– American Plan (AP)

– Modified American Plan (MAP)

– European Plan (EP)

– Bed and Breakfast (B & B)



Other services:

– High speed and Free Internet

– Mini Bar service in cheap price

– Attached Washroom

– Free coffee on breakfast (only if you spend 500+ on breakfast)

– Private Balcony

– Special Discont for staying more than 7 days

– Artificial hot water spring

– Swimming Pool, etc



Rating of Rhino River Resort:

– Food and service ; 4.7 / 5

– Location ; 5 / 5

– Accomodation ; 5 / 5

– Price; 4.8 / 5



Why Rhino River Resort ?

– Price of food and serivce is really good is comparision to its other competitors.

– Its located on the way to Rhino Waterfall so, its a perfect place to stay.

– Friendly staffs who never let you feel like you are out of home.

– Its location: its location is so perfect who really loves nature.

– The wether is as prefect as its location. Regular flow of cool air refreshes of mind.

– You can walk around the beautiful village and meet friendly locals.

– Service are served by highly skilled staffs.

– It is the oldest resort of Deurali Area.

– Good costumer feedback than of others.

– You can enjoy your meal on the lap of nature.


Rhino River Cottage could be the your best choice for you to spend your day if you are visiting Deurali. 5 star quality of service on very affordable price is waiting for you. So, make sure to give a chance to Rhino River Resort to serve you and I’m sure you won’t be disspointed. You will stick with Rhino River Resort in futuer as well if you visit this resort once.


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