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Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Deurali

There are many hotels, resorts and restaurants in Deurali of different levels. They are here from best quality to worse one. Some of main and well reknown establishments are shortly noted below while you can found their brief discriptions in the Hotel And Resort catagory of our website, so make sure to check that out for more valuable informations on them.
Some of those are :


A. Hotels

1. Forest Hotel
This is a small hotel with best food and facility of accomodation as well. It is near to the Thumki Devi Temple and established to target the visitors of that temple. Here you would get the every major and popular Nepali food items. As it is near to forest it was named Forest Hotel.

2. Veg Mandir Hotel
Veg Mandir Hotel is also a hotel which is near to Thumki Devi Temple and in just opposite to the Forest Hotel on different side of road. There only veg items are served. Most of the veg people prefer this hotel as it is only the veg hotel of this area. Their food is 100% veg and organic.This hotel provide special discount on food for those who spent their night in hotel.

3. Hotel Onway
Hotel Onway is a small hotel which has about 15 rooms in total and located just in the main road. The price of food is little much higher than of others but room rate is really cheap. Even though the rate of room is cheap the animities and supplies of the room also doesn’t seem enough. Anyway, specially the long travellers stay in his hotel as it is in the main road.


B. Restaurants

1. Aaka cottage
Akka cottage is a small restaurant with great quality of food but the worse level of service. It is popular amoung teenagers. Its a prefect place for the gathering of friends and having fun and celebration.

2. Hawa cottage
It is also a small restaurant started by a single invester and running as his own small business. It isn’t so much popular restaurant. The quality of food and service is not so great but it is negliable while taking look at is’t rate of service.

3. A1 Restaurant
It is small chinese restaurant located in Koliya which serves you with best quality food than all of other around here. You would also get the Nepali and Indian food here but the prioraty is given to the chinese food. And serves the many varieties of foods as well.


C. Resorts

1. Rhino Resort
It is the best resort of this area which is located in hilly village of Deurali named Gaidakhola. It lies on the way on Koliya – Mahadada one day trek route. And it is even near to Rhino waterfall. It has the best service and same best quality of food. It really focus in the guest’s satisfaction. It in the hilly area so, you can enjoy the beautiful low land region of whole Deurali from here with the precious view of Guriwari river mixing with Narayani River. You would really enjoy staying in this resort, give it a try.

2. Regmi Resort
It is a resort in the eastern region of Deurali. It is a newly established resort even though the staffs are well experienced and qualified. It has the best banquet hall, so it more popular for meetings, seminars and parties. You would get the best experience if you host your any kind of party here. Its food and service aren’t so great but its good as much it should be. So, Regmi Resort can be your next destination to stay. It serves you a best quality of food in affordable price.



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Health Institute in Deurali

Health Institutions in Deurali

There are several health service providing institutions in Deurali. You can even found detalied saperate articles about them in Health catagory of our website but in this page we will provide you with short notes of those institutions. The major health centers in this area are outlined and described as :


A. Tika Medical Hall

Tika Medical Hall is the firstly established private health clinic in 2013 AD by Mr. Chabilala Midhun. It is well reputed health service provider in this region. It has established a good public relation with the people of this region by its good quality of health service they provide.
There are two branches of this medical hall and both are in the Deurali area. The first one on Chaurangi village which serves the patients of the eastern Deurali and another branch is in the western part of Deurali in the village named Giruwari. The Guriwari branch sreves the people from village like Koliya, Giruwari and other hilly villages of its region.
It has the long history of providing satisfactory health facility to the people so, everyone prefer this medical collage reather than other health clinic or governmental health center which provide health facility for free.


B. Deurali Health Center

It is a small health center running by the government. It provide health service of the Deurali for free of charge. And it is the first health service provider of this region.
It provide the general health service like general checkup, small operations and so on. If any big diseases or health problem is discovered than they refer you to district hospital. All the health checkup are completly free here. Some medicines are also avaliable for free. Even though it is free but the health quality is so much worse as it is governmental institution. So, people prefer private clinics rather than this.


C. Thumki Clinic

Thumki Clinic was established in 2016 AD for the people of Koliya. Before this clinic was established people of this village used to visit Tika Medical Hall or Deurali Health Center for the health checkup and buying medicines. But after the establishment of this clinic lots of time of locals of Koliya village has been saved. Now same quality of health service is avaliable in their own village.
The fee of this clinic is little high in comparition of other. It might be because there is no any competitors in this area so, anyway people have to visit this clinic as they don’t have any other options. Actually, price range is not to high it is just nageliable.


D. Indra Vet and Pet Health

Indra Vet and Pet Health is being running by Mrs. Indra Thapa a parmenent resident of Koliya. Eventhough she is from Koliya, she established this vet in Giruwari as there is high density of people living there.
This is not a human health center. All the service regarding the health of domastic animals and pets are avaliable here. Not only it focus on animals health but also on plant’s. All kind of pesticides and insectcides are also avaliable here. Indra Vet and Pet Health Center take care of all the animal’s and plant’s health.


E. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a private yoga teaching health school where you would learn about how to live happy and healthy lifestyle. There are two health instructors and three yoga teachers in this institute.
They don’t only teach you how to do yoga, but how can you improve your health ability. They recommend you best yoga practice as per how kind of physical or mental health problme you have. They help to cure your health only with regular yoga and balanced diet.

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Major Places To Visit in Deurali

Place You Must Visit – Deurali

The major places of attraction in Deurali area of Nawalpur districts are fun parks, parks, temples, waterfall, etc. We have covered about those places creating saperate articles of all of them. In this article we have described those places creating their short notes.


A. Rhino Water Fall

Rhino Waterfall is recently discovered waterfall which is about 40 meter tall. It is located in village called Gaidakhola of Deurali. It has become the destination for local tourist. You can enjoy the beautiful waterfall and even refresh yourself swimming in small pond just below the waterfall. You are really gonna enjoy your day there. So, request your friends visit Rhino Waterfall and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

Its free to visit the Rhino waterfall, there is nothing like entry fee or any other charge. You are even allowed to swim in the cool and fresh water below there. It is really a quite and peaceful place, so its prefect for nature lovers.


B. Hill-Top Fun Park

Hill-Top Fun Park is located in the Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of this district as well. Visit this fun park with your family, friends and loved one. There are more than 20 rides waiting for you. There are even beautiful parks where you can walk around and refresh your body with the beautiful smells of flowers all around the park. The parks there are categorized into different sections like water rides, high rides, low/land rides, parks, etc. Visit Hill Top fun park and enjoy your day.

Its features are :

There are lots of rides you can enjoy. And there are also some beautiful parks among which one is free as well. There are small food stall where you can get food really cheap and there are even best serving restaurants as well. And the cost of rides aren’t expensive as well.


C. Thumki Devi Temple

It is the oldest and most respected temple to this region. Lots of visitors visit this temple for research, picnic, worshiping, etc. There a big celebration is done in every Shiva – Ratri festival. Large number of visitors visit this temple everyday and espacially is the major hindu festivals there is very long line of worshippers. The major gods and goddesses worshipped are ; Thumki Devi, Shiva, Ganesh, Manakamana, Vhairav, etc. You must visit this temple once.

Its features are :

It is the best place of those who believes in god more then others. You can also have picnic in this place. And you can join the celebration in major festivals which is really enjoyable.


D. Kundali Park

It is park located in Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municipality, which is the neighbouring municipality of Deurali. There there are beautiful flowers all over the park. It is free to visit park but if you voilet the rules in there the charge is really high for you. You can visit to do yoga, morning walks, small workouts, etc. in morning. And you can visit carrying your books or laptops to work here in peacefully. There would be no one to distract you there.

Its features are :

Its free to visit. There are many beanches and tables all around the park. The environment is really peaceful and quite. It would be even good dating spot if you wanna visit with your lover.


Hence, there are some major places of attraction you could visit in Deurali area of Nawalpur District. But they aren’t the only places to visit. The Giruwari river beach, Godawari Church and Belewa’s Stupa, etc are also major destinations you shouldn’t miss while visiting the Deurali region. Wish you safe journey, make sure to visit Deurali.



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Educational Institutions in Deurali

Educational Institutes in Deurali

There are many educational institutions in Deurali. But some of the most popular and mentioned in this article. Make sure to check the education catagory of our website to get full saperate articals of each of them. Some major educational institutions are :


A. NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is first programming school of Nawalpur District and Deurali. It is even only one boopcamp till this date. Here students are taught various programming languages, scripting languages, markup language, etc by the highly skilled and experienced teachers. It helped more than 2000 students of Nawalpur only till this date from 2015, to get their dream job in big tech companies of Nepal.
The classes in NEPBro’s coding bootcamp are catagorized into various courses. The courses that are taught in this bootcamp are: Web Development, Data Science, Game Development, Backend Progamming, Hacking, Mobile Development, etc.
Hence, its a first bootcamp of Nawalpur and it has be making its skillful and productive since long time. And it is even other branches in Chitwan District and other parts of Nepal.


B. Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School

It is a public high school established in 2017 BS and distrubuting quality education regularly. It is popular all around Nawalpur District. It is located in Basantapur village of Nawalpur. It is the best public school in Nawalpur.
Students are taught in two mediums, Nepali and English. In Nepali medium all books are in Nepali language and the education is completly free. All the expenses of students are covered by the government. In English medium, all books are in english language are students are taught in english too. It is medium introduced by the locals of this village knowing the inpportance of english language. But the education is not free is english medium but is very cheap in comparition to private schools.


C. Thumki Devi Secondary School

It is a only private school of Koliya village of Deurali. It is established by a single investor which is the priencipal of this school. It is the best private school of Deurali. The quality of education they provide is of next level.
They don’t only focus on knowladge which are gained from the book but they focus on the development of students in every aspects, physically, mentally or socially. The students and teachers are very deciplined because of the very strict rules of school. They takes education too seriously so, the reasult of students didn’t disapoint their parents.
The administration is very responsive to the students requestes in educational matter. There is prefect relation between the parents, admins, teachers and students in this school, that’s why the school is running so prefectly.


D. Deurali Community Library :

It is the first established library in Deruali by the organization called READ Nepal. It is located in the Belani village of Deurali. Everyone is welcomed in this library, no restictions for anyone. It is competly free to read any books there. There is even facility of free internet which you can use for educational purposes. Daily about 20 to 40 readers comes here from whole deurali to read books in this library. It is even planning to establish its sister library in different villages of Deurali. It has also been conducting different educational programme to encourage people for the use of library and to educate people about the importance of education in their life.


Hence, they are some of the major educational institutions of Deurali. But there are even more like Agricultural school of Nawalpur, Bhupu Shanik Parvat Academy, Shidartha Santi Niketan, Shree Sarwashoti Sanskrit High School and collage, etc. So, these all institutions are playing vital roles in the educational development in the Deurali Village Municiplity.



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Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park

Hill Top Fun Park was established by the foreign investors. It is located on the top of Manipur Hill of Nawalpur district of Nepal. It is the largest fun park of Nawalpur and Gandaki State. It was established in 2013 AD.


The project for the construction of this Hill Top Fun Park was started in 2010 AD. And completed in 2013 AD. Many people from all around Nepal come to enjoy the rides of this fun park. It is just next to the main highway. Here are lots of rides which are really fun to enjoy. You can’t even enjoy all rides within a day. There is no any fun park near to it, so everyone come here to enjoy the ride so, there is huge traffic in every season.


The Hill Top Fun Park stay closed every monday. On that day, cleaning of whole park is done. This park is so much popular in Nawalpur district. This is the best place to enjoy a day with your friends and family. There are so many rides and parks that will attract you every time you see them. Its in the top of the small hill so, you could see the view of big city from the top and it gives different pleasure to you.


There are more than 20 rides and parks altogather. You can enjoy everything there to entertainment. You can visit parks, water rides, high rides, or land rides.

Different parks and rides in Hil Top Fun Park are :


A. Parks :

There are four different parks in this fun park. Every parks has its own purpose. Amoung them only one of them is free and for others you need to pay. They are :


1. Public Park :

This is the only free park in this fun park where you walk around and rest in the benches. This is free not because it is not good or it doesn’t worth to pay but actual reason is to decrease the traffic in other parks. If you need small rest for short period of time then you can visit this park.


2. Lover’s Park :

This parks is just for young couples or teenagers. There is age restriction of 18 to 28 years old. If you are single than sorry its not for you. There is very prefect place for lovers to date. Everywhere you can see a beautiful flowers around you. You and your loved one would really enjoy this park.


3. Family Park :

If you are with your family and friends than its best place to be. It is no smoking park, you would be charged fine if you voilet the rules. There are some cool monuments to see. There are lots of beautiful fountains which you would love for sure.


4. Children’s Park :

This place is only for childrens below 12 years old. Parents could also visit this park with there childrens. There are some small cool children rides but the entry fee isn’t free. No any adults here only childern and their parents.



B. Water Rides :

There are also many water rides there. There is saperate rides for those who can’t swim and childrens where the water isn’t deep enough. The lifeguard watching you all the time incase if you need any help. You need to take a small bath in a room before entering water ride zone.

Some of the major water rides here are :

– Water Slide

– Swimming Pools

– Water boats

– Water Scarey Sub-way



C. High Rides :

High Rides are also called sky touch ride in this park. There are cool and dangerous looking rides which you would really enjoy a lot. If you love to scare yourself than visit these rides.

Some of the major high rides in this park are :

– ‘Roteay Ping’

– Roller-coster

– 360 fall

– Colombus

– 100 meter Bunjey Jump, etc.



D. Land Rides :

Land Rides are those rides which don’t take you to the sky but make you enjoy a lot. They are small but you would enjoy much more than other rides and parks.

Some of major land rides of Hill-Top Fun Parks are :

– Break fail

– Speedy train

– Scare you

– VR simulators

– Trampling

– Mario Cart

– Zero Gravity, etc


These are the major attractions of the Hill-Top Fun Parks. Make sure to visit the park and enjoy its once with your family, friends or loved one. You won’t feel any stress after returning form here.


Hill-Top Fun Park – Enjoy Your Ride




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NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp – Learn Hello World


NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp :

NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp is a private programming school/bootcamp where you would be taught several hypertext, scripting and programming language. There are several option of languages to learn as per your interest. It is a programming school established in 2015 AD and quite nice records of students success rate for getting their dream IT job.


Different Programming Classes :

There are various classes that are taught to convert from regular person to a productive programmer. You can learn web development, machine learning, data science, mobile development, game development, ethical hacking, etc.
Some of the popular and major courses are :

A. Web Development :

It is most popular class in this bootcamp. Most of the students prefer learning web development first because it is a really good skill to have even though if you don’t wanna be a programming. Students choose web development because they wanna do freelencing and earn instant money. You have even two courses within a web development : front-end and full-stack web development. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), PhP, Java Script, Angular JS, Bootstrap, etc. are languages you will be taught in this class.

B. Data Science

Data Science is a course where you are gonna be capable enough to get the job as data scientist in any IT company. You will learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning, etc in this class. It is recently added course in the bootcamp after high number of students requesting this couser to be taught. And its popularity is increasing day by day.

C. Game Development

You have some options in game development if you wanna learn game development for only one operating system like only for iso, android, windows, console, etc. But this course consist of whole course. You would learn languages like C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, etc. Not only languages you would even learn about different game engines like Unity, Buildbox, Unreal, etc. You would be capable of build 2D / 3D games after the completion of this course.

D. Android Development :

You’re next course/class to learn is android development. In this course you would learn everything about building android games, softwares, applications, etc. The main priority is given to JAVA language, but recently Kotlin is also added and focused. You would be capable of building android apps, softwares and games for yourself or for your client after completion of this course.


Fee Structure :

The fee structure is not so high in this coding bootcamp. It would cost you little high if you wish to learn only one or single course. But it will cost you cheap if you choose two or more course. You will get special discount if you refer other students as well.


Features :

– Students would be capable of getting their dream job.
– You can learn programming skill in really short time.
– The fee stracture is affordable by all students.
– You would be paying for only those course that you learn, not monthly.
– Even bootcamp help you get job if you are one of the best preformer and fast learner.
– You can get extra discount if you refer your friend.
– You will get opportuniy of learning online, you don’t have to attend class in bootcamp you can learn from anywhere online.
– You would be taught by very knowladgable be experienced teachers.


So, its a only coding bootcamp in Deurali and Nawalpur District. It was established in 2015 and regularly making students prodictive and skillful in programming. It is introducing its new branch in Chitwan and Nawalprasi district within this year. If you wanna learn programming than you are welcome here. Teacher are very helpful and supportive. Many students graduated from here are working on big tech companies now. If they can, than you aren’t less capable than them you just need is a good institute to learn programming. And NEPBro’s Coding Bootcamp would be the best option for your success.



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Some Locally Established Restaurants – Better Food Cheap Rate

Aaka Cottage

Aaka Cottage was established in 2018 AD by the group of three friends. It is located in upper Basantapur village. It is a small hotel or actually its a restaurant but without much more varities of food and service.

Here you would be served with delicious food in very reginiable price. The cost of any service and food would cost you very cheap but the quality of food would be of same level as of nice restaurant. It was established in small budget and provide some minor facilities as well.

Features of Akka Cottage :

– Quality of food is really mouth watering.
– The rate of food is cheaper than anywhere else.
– Some small service like Hukka and Liqueres are also served.
– No any service charge are added while serving food.
– Its best place of friends gathering and meetup.
– Its in quite away from main village so, there is full privacy for those who drinks or smokes seceretly.

Drawbacks of Aaka Cottage :

– Although it don’t charge any service charges, but its service is really bad.
– They are selling liquers illegally, or their cottage isn’t approved governmentally for selling any liquers.
– Not recommended for family gathering.



Hawa Cottage

Hawa Cottage is another small scale restaruant established by a person as his personal business. Here you can have really good food is cheap price but same as of Akka cottage service isn’t good. They sell liquers but you can’t drink there. You have to take you to your home. Although, you can smoke there but only in smokeing zone which is saperted for smokers. Its also best for friends gathering and small celebration. It was established is very less investment by a single investor.



A1 Chinese Restaurant

A1 Chinese Restaurant is also a small scale locally established restaurant which lies in lane no.5 of Koliya village. It was a small personal business oned by Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa. He was a main cook in a well repurted Chinese restaurant in China before. He returned back Nepal and started a new business on his own in 2016 AD. It was established is more investment than of other two.

The major food items of this restaurant is Chinese foods. Other than Chinese other foods like Nepali and Indian food items are also served. Here are 4 employes working togather with Mr. Thapa and all employes are well experienced. Here you can have delicious and varities of food items in affordable rate.

Food Items Served Here :
A. Chinese
i. Dim Sums
ii. Quick noodels
iii. Szechwan Chilli Chicken
iv. Stir Fried Tofu
v. Varities of Chinese Soups, etc.

B. Nepali
i. MO:MO (several varities)
ii. Thakali Thali
iii. Newari Cousine
iv. Gundruk – Dhedo
v. Sekuwa, Choila, etc

C. Indian
i. Murg Makhani
ii. Tandoori Chicken
iii. Chicken Tikka Masala
iv. Chicken Vindaloo Curry, etc.

Note : Beside these dish other regular nepali fast foods and general items found in other small hotels and cottages are also served.

Features :

– Your food would be prepared by highly skilled cooks.
– The quality of service is also very good.
– They don’t charge any other additional charges like VAT, service charge, etc.
– The price of food is really affordable.
– Its prefect place for either friends or family gathering.
– They even sells liquers, and you can enjoy it here as well but there is llimit how much you can drink here which is its nice aspect.
– There are varities of options of food items which you wanna enjoy.

Drawbacks of A1 Chinese Restaurant :

– Eventhough the name is Chinese Restaurant but only few major chinese varities are served, it basially serves Nepali food items more.
– They don’t provide you facility of accomodation.
– Smoking zone isn’t saperetly maintained.

Overall these are some of the locally established food service providing small scale restaurants. Amoung three of them A1 Chinese Restaurant is the best in both food quality and service than other to, but the price is little more in A1 Chinese Restaurant which is actually negotiable in term of service they provide. After A1 Restaurant, Aaka cottage holds second position and Hawa cottage comes last in term of both service and food. These all restaurants don’t offer accomodation facility. In term of privacy Aaka Cottage is better than other Restaurants. But in term of food varities no one beat A1 Chinese Restaurant.



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Giruwari River Beach – Park, Beach and River All At Same Place

Giruwari River Beach

Girubari river is a small river originated from diferent sources of Chure range’s hills. It flows down through the Hupsekot Village Municiplity and mix with Narayani River. It is originated from the northern hilly parts of Hupsekot.
Giruwari River Beach is logically a beach of Giruwari river. The main point where you should visit this beach is in the Koliya village. There is not just a beach. There is beautiful park, beach, swimmimg site and ofcourse river.


The Park :

There is large park build in the side of the river right before the beach. Fresh and cool air keeps flowing throughout the beach all the time. Different kinds of flowers are all around the park. Small bench and tables are also there where you can enjoy the view of river sitting there.

Features of park :

– There are lots of flowers all around the beach which refreshes your mood.
– Fresh Air regularly flows around the park.
– There is a special place for copules for dating.
– There a saperate place build to captere a photo from where you can see whole park, beach and the beautiful Giruwari river and also a Chure hills behind river.
– There are some small food stall where you can have delicious fast foods.


The Beach :

Beach is just behind the park, between park and river. You would feel different kind of pleasure while walking around the beach. The cool air flowing make you feel like you are flying in the sky like a bird.

Features of beach :
– You can walk around the beach and enjoy a view of river and park at a time.
– You can even make asand castel on the beach.
– There are enough benches where you can take sun bath.
– You can do small picnic in the western corner of beach.
– You can take photos for moment you enjoy.


The Swimming Site :

There is ofcourse a river where you can swim but due to the strong current it is little difficule and it flows you away from the site. But in the other side of river, just on the lap of river there’s a area where water stays almost still. There is very nice place to swim rather than in main river.

Features of swimming site :

– The current of water flow is slow so, its prefect place to swim.
– The keeps flowing slowly so no any waste stucks on the swimming site.
– Water looks prefectly clean and is really cool.
– The hill on its back blocks the sun due to which water stays cool.
– It is not man-made, it was made naturally by the river itself.
– There is a big rock from where you can jump on the water, which is really fun to do.
– There is seperate palce for girls and boys which insures little privacy and security. And there a dam between those two are which blocks view of other side.


The River :

There ofcourse a beautiful Giruwari river which flows from North to South-West. The view you see of river from the park and beach is really awsome, you would really enjoy a lot. If you are too adventurous than you can swim in the strong flowing current of river. Many people prefer to swim in the swimming site but someone likes to swim opposite to the flowing current of the river.

Features of river :

– River looks so much beautiful from beach and park.
– The whole beauty of beach is influnced by the river.
– You can enjoy swimming in the strong current of river, if you are adventurous enough.
– You can come out of river and rest in beach any-time you feel tired of swimming.
– Due to the cool water flowing on the river whole beach and park cools down.


That’s all about Giruwari river beach. Its not only the beach it is the collection of park, beach, swimming site and river, and collectively called beach. This is prefect place to enjoy the the beach, swim in the river and walk around the park all in same place.



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Tika Medical Hall – Your better health service provider

Tika Medical Hall

Tika Medical Hall is a first private health clinic of Deurali. It is very reputed medical hall of lower region of Deurali. It has very long history of people’s health satisfaction.

The propiter of Tika Medical Hall is Mr. Chabilal Midhun. He is very respected member of the society. He is even the mayor of Hupsekot – 3. He is so experienced that everyone has a strong connection of health satisfaction since long time. This was only a private health clinic before 2012 AD. This clinic was serving people since so long time that’s why no one can compete this clinic.


Its Establishment :

Tika Medical Hall was established in 2006 AD. Before its establishment the only health service providing organization was Deurali Health Center, which was the governmental organization. But people aren’t completly satisfied with service provided by Deurali Health Center. So, the establishment of Tika Medical Hall took place. At first it doesn’t get so much popularity as people prefer free health service rather than a pain one. So, people were sticked with the Deurali Health Center. Later on, people realize that Tika Medical Hall is so better than Governmental Health Center. The only competitor of Tika Medical Hall at that time was Deurali Health Center.


Its branches :

It has its two branches one in Chaurangi village and another in Giruwari village. But the patients both branches are covered by Mr. Midhun himself. He have two employer one in each branch, both employers are general health instructor and pharmaciest.
Its branches are:

1. Chaurangi branch :
Chaurangi branch was the first branch of Tika Medical Hall. It was introduced with the establishment of Tika Medical Hall. It was the branch form where this Medical Hall get all its name and fame. It has been providing service to the people of esters villages of Deurali like Chaurangi, Belani, Jhyalbass and Beluwa. It was only the branch before the establishment of Giruwari branch.

2. Giruwari branch :
Giruwari branch was introduced soon after the establishment of other private clinics in 2016 AD. As just one clinic can’t handel all the patients people counld divert to other clinics. So to tackel this he established a new branch in Giruwari village for the people of Western villages of Deurali. As soon as it was introduced people of Western Deurali get really facilited as it easier for then to access Tika Medical Hall now. People of villages like Koliya, Giruwari and other northern hilly villages are being served by this branch.


Why people prefer Tika Medical Hall :

– It provide better health service to the people.
– It is oldest one in Deurali and service provider is experinced enough.
– Service charge is very low in compiration to other private clinics.
– This Medical Hall is more public service orinted than of cost orinted.
– It has two branches which can cover a large number of patients.
– Service is provided in well cleaned and senitized area.


Some drawbacks :

– Even though it has two different branches but the main srevice provider is just one.
– Due to large mass to patients it will be littel delay in service.
– If you have some serious health problem than you have to skip Tika Medical Hall.


Conclusively, Tika Medical Hall was the first medical hall of its area so, service they provide is really good as all the employes are well experienced. It would be the prefect health service providing establishment. But you have to compermise your time for the better service because you weren’t the only one who needs better health service. You will get best quality service than in other private clinics. Make sure to give them a chance to serve you once and after that you might not switch to other service provider. 😀

Thanks for reading till end.

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Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa Higher Secondary School

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa Higher Secondary School is a public school which was established on 2017 BS. It is the only high school and oldest school of Basantapur village of Madhyabindu Municipality. The current Principle of this school is Mr. Raju Bhandari.

Nepal Lok Sewa is a public school but it doesn’t looks so. Most of the public and governmental school didn’t have strick rules and regulations but in case Nepal Lok Sewa it doesn’t seem so. Thanks for its management community for maintaining school so prefectly. Actually, government and public schools doesn’t provide good education for the students because of loose governmental effort in educational system. But here, locals are maintaining school rather than looking for government for help for the further development of school. This school is just established for the local students. There is no any facilitie of hostel or anything else for the students for far away. But resently a school bus is added but only for nearly villages’ students. Students from Basantapur and nearby villages like Koliya, Mainaghat, Simrine, Aamrasa, etc comes here to gain education.


Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S
Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S

Teaching Mediums :

Nepal Lok Sewa School has running school in two mediums for the better education system, and these mediums are :

1. Nepali Medium :
Nepali Medium is the teaching medium how the school starts with. Before students are taught fully in Nepali medium and ofcourse all courses are in nepali language. Classes from class – 5 to class -12 are running in this medium. It is the main medium while english medium was introduced later. All the expenses for running this medium are covered by government. Even all the books for students are supplied by government. All the students can get education for almost free. Students only need to buy uniform and note books.

2. English Medium :
English medium is not actually a fully governmental. Because government only invests in Nepali medium. Actually, there is nothing like english medium in view of government. It was just introduced by the locals or management team after knowing the importance of english. Students are taught in english language. Here government didn’t buys them a book or hold any educational expenses. Its almost like a private school but its not a profit orinted. That’s why the rate of education costs really low. Those fees are collected only for maintaining english medium and for salary of teachers of english medium. So, the rate of education cost so low.


Extra-curricular Activities :

1. Quiz Contest :
Regular inter-house quiz contest is conducted for improving the general knowladge of other different things rather than of text books. Sometime, inter-school quiz contest are even conducted where students from different schools participates representing their respective school.

2. Football Competitions :
Several inter-house football tournament are also conducted for the plysical development of the students. Where eight teams from four house compete together for a first place trophy.

3. Assembly Programs :
Several assembly program are conducted where students deliver speech, report news and ask general knowladge. This program is conducted for developing the communicating skills and leadership skills in students.

4. Annual Sports Day :
It is conducted once a year in winter month. It lasts for total 7 days/week. In this programe students can participate in any sports they like. Not only sports but activities like quiz, debate, speech, speeling, etc contests are also conducted. The winner students are respected and price is distributed in School Annual Celebration Day. Every students can participate in this programe as there are lots of games where students can choose on which they are intrested on.


Education Quality :

Even being a public school, the education quality of this school is really best. The pass percentage of this school is really high than of other school. It is well known and repurted school in Nawalpur district because of its education quality. This is one of the best public school. It holds several records for its management and education. Lately, the school is transforming to digitalization (not a online class). Students are taught in same way as before but the black and white board are being replaced by smart teaching boards.


Karate Class
Karate Class

School has added some other classes too rather than just a main course book, like :
– Dance class
– Karate training class
– Singing class
– Music class
– Computer class, etc.
All of these classes are optional, students can choose any class as per their intrest or even skip all at-all. But students have to pay fees for this as these classes aren’t added by government so government don’t pays for all of these.

Shree Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. School is a well known and reputed public school of Nawalpur District. It doesn’t believe that knowladge gainned form books aren’t enough for the social development of student in future. It focus in all physical, mental and scoial development of the students.

Nepal Lok Sewa H. S. S.  –  Better education for all



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